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As the global gaming masses gear up for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, has launched with the mission to give each fan an outlet for their enthusiasm and the opportunity to make their opinion matter.

This centralized source of user-driven content empowers the worldwide gaming community to truly answer the question, “What are the industry’s most anticipated games?”

Powered by the fast-growing on-site engagement platform Favslist and pulling from a user-created database of over 117,000 items, provides real-time results from user rankings while constantly adding new titles as soon as they are announced. In addition, sophisticated stat tracking provides insight into how each new game trailer, news item, or major announcement impacts the standings amongst the global list of most anticipated games.

“Our goal is simple – to be THE source for determining the world’s most anticipated videogames,” said creator and co-founder Daniel Kayser. “While individual websites poll their audiences frequently, this definitive list provides a centralized source for gamers to make their opinions known. Plus, the ability to brand and embed our tool on any website means we can calculate each individual community’s input while having them contribute to the global conversation at the same time. As E3 fast approaches, watching fan feedback impact the list has already been a lot of fun!”

Currently, there are over 900 users who have participated and nearly 500 games to choose from with new titles being added as soon as they are announced.