Train2Game News Gamepedia shows huge PC growth


The Gamepedia website has become home to a bastion of information for all types of games, including several blossoming Kickstarter titles.

With over half a billion people playing games on a daily basis and over three billion hours of video games being played every week—it’s no surprise that Gamepedia has over 20 million unique visitors each month.

Diehard PC fans want to show their passion for titles like Minecraft and creating online wikis help them reach that larger target audience of dedicated gamers. Minecraft has not only claimed the title of one of the most popular PC game available to date-but done so with no money spent on advertising or backing from a publisher. The popular sandbox title has now sold over 20 million copies worldwide and that number continues to grow steadily each day.

Ben Robinson, Wiki Director for Curse stated, “The great thing about the PC market is the accessibility for developers. Anyone with a PC and some free software can create a game and share it. While Sony and Microsoft are making strides to change this in the console sphere—they are still years behind. This accessibility allows for extremely innovative and unique creations.” 

As PC gaming continues to flourish, Gamepedia’s Wiki Directory becomes more expansive. For example, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor increased the game’s subscriber base to 7.4 million, and the World of Warcraft Wiki has grown to over include 317,106 articles on game features, lore, and in-game item information. With Minecraft’s rapid growth, there are over 38,866 articles on the Gamepedia Minecraft Wiki. What does this mean? That PC games continue to see explosive growth which is evident by the rapid increase in the number of wiki pages on Curse’s Gamepedia.

In addition to gaming news and information, Gamepedia hosts exciting contests, promotions, and giveaways. This week, the introduction of the Official Mad Max Wiki is being celebrated with a pre-order giveaway on social media, where Mad Max fans using the hashtag #MadMaxGame will have a chance to win one of three game pre-orders. To stay up-to-date on future giveaways, as well as the latest wikis and gaming news, visit  the official Gamepedia website.