Train2Game News ChilliConnect Beta


ChilliWorks have announced today the global beta launch of ChilliConnect, a cloud based backend platform for connected games.

This latest product in their technology suite – which also includes the open source game engine ChilliSource – places them as a fresh contender in the rapidly growing live games tools market.

ChilliConnect offers a powerful combination of both connected and social game features and analytics platform to provide developers with everything they need to successfully run a live game from a single platform.

ChilliConnect has already been deployed in a number of live service games for clients including Mind Candy, 505 Games and more recently on Activision’s recent mobile title, Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor.

Mike Herron, Head of Product Development at ChilliWorks, marked this first release by commenting: “We believe all games can be improved by connecting players. The ChilliConnect beta release marks the first step on an exciting journey that will see us rapidly increase features, usability and support in the coming months”.

We have already seen first-hand how connected and back-end services can enable games developers to create better games, and generate improved commercial performance. Now we look forward to enabling a much larger number of game creators through the power of ChilliConnect”.

ChilliConnect provides developers with a reliable, scalable system, that includes everything they need to build, launch and maintain a game with live elements. The beta release includes features such as user management, analytics, leader boards and custom event tracking. An exciting roadmap will see ChilliConnect extend the offering with features including IAP validation, push notification and asynchronous multiplayer ahead of the full release in Q1 2016.

ChilliConnect beta is available for free download now from