Train2Game Grads in Game Awards

After a record year for participation in their Search for a Star and Sumo Digital Rising Star Challenges, Aardvark Swift have announced the Grads in Game Awards.

The awards are designed to recognise the individuals and institutions that have made a real impact in improving the links between the games industry and education; the studios that have made an effort in not just hiring graduates but developing their skills and nurturing their talent; and they will also recognise the students and projects that are already firmly on this path, producing exemplary work and helping those around them to achieve more.

“We’ve been running a variety of Grads in Games initiatives for almost 10 years now. After so much support from institutions, lectures and studios; we thought it was only right to highlight the academics, universities, colleges, courses and developers that are going the extra mile, actively helping students make the leap from student to professional games developer!” Sharan Bassi, Senior Graduate Recruiter at Grads in Games.

The award categories for 2018 are:

  • Academic Award: Lecturers & academics who have demonstrated a real, positive impact with their students.
  • Educational Institution Award: Universities and academic institutions that have demonstrated a real, positive impact with their students.
  • Student Award: Current students who have demonstrated a real, positive impact within their work & with their fellow students.
  • Student Game Award: Student games projects published within the past 12 months, that demonstrate a strong talent and aptitude from its developer(s).
  • Graduate Employer Award: Games companies that have demonstrated a positive and pro-active approach in hiring and supporting graduates & interns.
  • Graduate Impact Award: Recent graduates and junior staff that have exceeded expectations in a studio role.

Nominations have been opened on the Grads in Games Website and the winners will be announced at the Search for a Star Final’s Day in Sheffield on the 6th of April.