Train2Game News: Student Studio forum page

T2G ForumStudent studios invited to share experiences and advice in new group created on the Train2Game forum

Train2Game students who have created or joined indie studios are invited to join a specific student studios group and all students will be able to read contributions to this new forum page

The group has been designed for student studios to share experiences and advice on operating small independent studios. Train2Game will also work with the group to encourage discussions and pass on information about the work Train2Game does with start-up studios.

Train2Game will work to create PR for the studios based around projects they are working on, with press releases and  interviews on Train2Game Radio to coincide with when their games coming out, where it will be listened to by hundreds of thousands of listeners.

All students will be encouraged to follow the group but contributions will only be accepted after an approval process. This is to maintain the group as specifically for student studios, though all students can read and therefore benefit from the discussions.

To qualify as a student studio you will need to be a registered company, with a website. Individuals and groups are both welcome to apply. All applications will be considered, so feel free to get in touch,

If you are not in a studio and would like to create or join one, you can visit the forum groups: student project recruitment and student project showcase. Here you will be able to find others who are in similar situation, and once you are part of a studio you  can join the student studio group.

The group will be maintained by student administrator Lee Sainsbury and Train2Game PR Harry Cole. If you would like to join the group or discuss anything about the group, please feel free to contact either of the guys through the forum, contact names: Calibur and harrycole