Train2Game News: A Game Changer – Guest Blog by John Esslemont

Icey MontyI think games need to change and take a new direction very soon and with the new generation of consoles hopefully that will happen.

Lately I have been getting very bored with games because, in my eyes. it is the same games over and over with the same story but different art and this just plain annoys me as I know what is coming. There are games out there that are pushing the boundaries and I wish everyone would jump on this bandwagon as it can only help the development of games as a medium.

Everyone knows the new COD and BF4 are now out and after playing them they still have their addictiveness with you wanting to beat your friends, but the game is the exact same as every other before it. What happened with the stories as well? In the first call of duty the story was awesome, it was real events and you saw/felt the realities of war, now it is the biggest joke I have ever seen. In most games now this isn’t the case they are coming out with more and more ways to make it fun which I understand but why not keep things a bit more realistic and take things from history or at least some forms of history, in my opinion this would make these games a lot better as you can actually relate to these events.

I have recently been playing KSP(Kerbal Space Programme) and this game is just awesome, it is truly unique. I have never seen a game like this before and this is where I think games need to head. We all need to be unique and different in many ways to create new kinds of games to keep things fresh. This is why I love some of the things indies are doing.

Very recently I have been thinking about war and the realistic cases of it, I watched a documentary called “This Is War” and this truly opened my eyes to what is going on in the middle east and what is even more scary are the predator drones, these things are fire and forget. I found out that most of these are controller with a 360 controller which is freaking awesome BUT I think this makes it more like a game and pulls people away from the reality of what they are doing. If the people controlling these machines, which are designed to kill people, are behind a screen do they actually see what they are doing to people? Do they actually see a weapon or is it a spade?

I have decided to create a game based on these facts where you control either a predator, AC130, or an Apache and you get given a target (normal game scenario) and you must take him out. I don’t want the players to think about collateral damage at all then at some point in the game I want to show them what they done with looking through a screen and not actually seeing what the people they killed where doing or who they were. I hope this game will be a shock and awe type of game that will open people’s eyes to what is actually happening. I hope to release this in around 3-6 months as I want it to feel as close as possible to a real world scenario.