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Apostrophe Apps, LLC, has released StoreFrontSDK (, a free service and plugin that generates shops within mobile apps where developers and publishers can sell their custom-designed goods and apparel.

StoreFrontSDK is currently powering the SnorgTees mobile app (iOS and Android) and multiple mobile game companies have already committed to use StoreFrontSDK including SparkPlug Games (Plight of the Zombie) and Replay Games (Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded).

StoreFrontSDK offers mobile app developers and publishers of any size an easy way to create, control and sell physical products featuring their intellectual property. Unlike most ad systems where mobile app creators earn a meager trickle of pennies for a few hundred ad clicks, the StoreFrontSDk system allows them to determine – and dynamically adjust – the amount earned for each product sold.

StoreFrontSDK is easy to implement, taking only a few minutes to populate with uniquely branded products and incorporate into a mobile app.

Mobile developers can create a free account at, where they upload designs to create custom gear and popular apparel including T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and phone cases. They then use a few lines of code to create their own button to launch their shop within their app.

After the StoreFrontSDK plugin is implemented in an app, products can be managed through the web site, immediately pushing updates to the live app without costly, time-consuming updates. Product details, prices and even entire shops can be managed across multiple apps from one account, allowing for special promotions or quick responses to sales trends.

Apostrophe Apps handles all of the printing, payment processing, fulfillment and customer support, allowing mobile teams to concentrate on making awesome apps instead of worrying about boxes of products to catalog, store, sort, package and ship.

StoreFrontSDK will soon also support user-generated content (e.g. photos and art uploaded from a mobile device), unlockable content and curated partner products to sell within their shops.
StoreFrontSDK is currently available for Unity at