Train2Game News Meta 3D joins AR Consortium


Interactive industry veteran Meta 3D Studios, founded in 2005, has expanded their custom application and game development capabilities to include cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality technologies, and is announcing that it has joined the Augmented Reality Consortium (“AR Consortium”).

The AR Consortium is an exclusive group of industry leaders and executives actively involved in commercializing augmented reality technologies, defining best-practices, and continuously pushing the envelope of innovation in what AR can do.

“We are excited to join the Consortium and share over 37 years of experience in the interactive gaming industry with our peers,” Says Billy Joe Cain, Business Development Director for Meta 3D Studios. “We believe that our background in telling engaging interactive stories and crafting amazing experiences will take full advantage of the incredible potential of augmented reality.”

“When we designed and assisted in the development of a custom branded Augmented Reality marketing application for the launch of a SyFy channel program, everyone’s eyes lit up and they had such a good time. That was like watching people become kids again,” says Randy Polk, President of Meta 3D Studios. “Your imagination can truly come to life with AR; this is the technology of the future that we have been waiting for. Joining the Consortium gives us the chance to share ideas and collaborate, as well as bring new capabilities to interactive applications we develop and customize for our clients.”

Meta 3D Studios was welcomed into the AR Consortium by Robert A. Rice, the Founder and Chairman of the industry group. The AR Consortium was founded in 2009 to promote best practices and share information in the burgeoning field.

“The team at Meta 3D Studios has an amazing background in developing interactive media and experiences with legendary companies and games.” said Robert Rice, Chairman of the Consortium. “Augmented Reality is so much more than just overlaying 3D images on the real world through smartphones and other devices. Meta 3D Studios has a wealth of talent and expertise to really push the limit of AR and create experiences that are amazing, meaningful, and engaging to users. I’m looking forward to what they are going to do next.”