Train2Game The Witcher Monster Slayer

Spokko, member of the CD PROJEKT Family, announces The Witcher: Monster Slayer — a free-to-play, augmented-reality, location-based RPG for iOS and Android mobile devices set in The Witcher universe.

Developed and published by Spokko, The Witcher: Monster Slayer takes place before the events of The Witcher series of games. Monsters are freely roaming the land in great numbers, and the relatively new role of ‘witcher’ has become indispensable around the Continent. Monster Slayer challenges players to become elite monster hunters, using advanced augmented reality features that transform the real world into the dark fantasy realm of The Witcher.  

Featuring console-grade visuals, Monster Slayer lets players explore the world around them while tracking, studying, and fighting monsters both new and familiar, using time of day and real-life weather conditions to gain the upper hand.

Preparation is key in order to defeat tougher enemies, as players will need to brew powerful potions and oils, craft bombs and monster bait, and upgrade their character before putting these beasts to the sword and signs in first-person AR combat. In addition to battling monsters lurking close-by, the game also contains rich, story-driven quests inspired by other games from the series, taking players on full-fledged adventures that thrust them into the heart of what it means to be a professional monster slayer.The Witcher: Monster Slayer is coming to iOS and Android, with launch dates for both versions set to be revealed later this year. For more information, please visit the official The Witcher: Monster Slayer website.

Watch The Witcher: Monster Slayer trailer

Train2Game News VR and AR for Unity

Parkerhill Reality Labs is making public its plans for the BridgeXR Pro Toolkit for Unity, a lean SDK manager for developing cross-platform VR and AR applications.

BridgeXR is for developers implementing virtual reality and/or augmented reality applications using the Unity 3D game engine. BridgeXR manages multiple VR and AR SDKs in a thin device-independent layer within the Unity editor, while leveraging the best of breed software from leading VR and AR vendors.

“BridgeXR is designed to stay out of your way, permitting you direct access to performant vendor-supplied toolkits while keeping your project device-independent,” says Jonathan Linowes, president of Parkerhill. “With BridgeXR, you can avoid the industry’s API fragmentation that can disrupt your development.”

Using BridgeXR, you define platform bridges in the Unity Editor. A bridge is a platform-object mapping in your project providing dynamic in-editor serialization and runtime instantiation. Types of bridges include scene loader, player rigs, prefabs, input gestures, and plug-ins.

Developers continue to use the world-class optimized toolkits from leading tech giants. Rather than try to replace them, BridgeXR builds on top of the high level tools you know and trust, including SteamVR Interaction System, Google Daydream Elements, Oculus SDK, Windows Mixed Reality Toolkit, Google ARCore, and Apple ARKit. There is even a VRTK bridge for transitioning apps away from that toolkit.

With BridgeXR, you are encouraged to use Unity’s latest features and best practices, including in-editor developer tools, Unity events, scriptable objects, playables, timelines, and asset bundles.

BridgeXR also includes a reaction semantics framework using Unity Events. Translate device input events into your application’s semantic events. Assemble reusable reaction collections, including audio reactions, particle effects, timeline sequences and animations.

Parkerhill is taking inquiries to participate in the BridgeXR private beta release. Preference will given to collaborative contract clients interested in hiring the studio’s development services that build upon Parkerhill’s technology and Unity 3D. For more information, visit or email

Train2Game News You’re a wizard!

Niantic, Inc. and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the development of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™, an augmented reality (AR) mobile game inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. 
Published by Niantic and co-developed by Niantic and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, under the Portkey Games label, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™ will use state-of-the-art augmented reality mobile technology to put magic in the hands of aspiring wizards and witches worldwide.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™ will reveal that magic is all around us, and allow players to be a part of Harry Potter’s rich world, through Niantic’s AR + real-world mobile game platform and the franchise expertise of WB Games San Francisco’s development and publishing team. By exploring real-world neighborhoods and cities across the globe, players will go on adventures, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious artifacts, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™ is part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Portkey Games, a new games label dedicated to creating video game and mobile experiences inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

 “At Niantic, our goal is to leverage technology to create real world experiences that help people to discover the wonderful, and often magical parts of the world around them,” said John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc. “The beloved Harry Potter stories have captured imaginations worldwide for more than 20 years and soon we’ll turn the fantasy into augmented reality, allowing fans and their friends to become wizards and witches.”

 “With this game, we are allowing the passionate, worldwide fan base to experience J.K. Rowling’s deeply powerful and imaginative universe in a new, truly immersive way,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “It is wonderful to have Niantic’s remarkable augmented reality expertise as we develop this incredibly rich wizarding world for players to explore in their everyday lives.”

Additional details for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™ will be announced in 2018.

To stay up to date on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™, please visit and sign-up to receive the latest information and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter

Train2Game News Kudan AR Unity Support


Kudan, the Augmented Reality software provider, release a version of their AR Engine that unlocks the potential for over 4.5 million Unity® developers to integrate professional Augmented Reality into their games and apps.

The Kudan AR SDK has solved some of the biggest challenges with Augmented Reality today. Until now apps have generally been reliant upon expensive data connections, a problem that Kudan neatly avoids with the ability to store assets and recognize hundreds of images locally on the device. 3D content can be highly realistic, with multi-million polygon models and HD videos.

Next-generation features of the Kudan AR SDK include the ability for developers to add occlusion to real world objects, adding depth and interactivity to a scene.

The SDK also offers a capability to position AR content on any surface. Known as Markerless Tracking, this is a new type of AR that doesn’t require a trigger image or location, allowing for AR anywhere, anytime.

The magic of the augmented reality can now be easily added to new or existing Unity® projects. Unity® customers include Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Disney, Electronic Arts, LEGO, Microsoft, NASA, Nexon, Nickelodeon, Square, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.

Kudan CTO, John Williams says, “The Unity plugin is another milestone in the development of our engine and represents an important step towards the continued growth of our developer ecosystem. We’re committed to providing the millions of Unity developers a professional solution with which to enable AR in their games and apps.”

Unity® is the game developer’s software of choice in every major market in the world. An overwhelming majority of the top-grossing 3D mobile games made with third-party tools are created using Unity Technologies’ engine.

The fully featured Kudan AR Engine is a relative newcomer onto the scene, arriving at a time of great disruption in the AR software provider landscape. With Apple Inc.’s buyout of Metaio and Qualcomm’s sale of the Vuforia platform, developers have been faced with some difficult choices.

The lightweight Kudan AR Engine Unity Package is available to download, for free, at the Kudan Website:

Train2Game News Meta 3D joins AR Consortium


Interactive industry veteran Meta 3D Studios, founded in 2005, has expanded their custom application and game development capabilities to include cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality technologies, and is announcing that it has joined the Augmented Reality Consortium (“AR Consortium”).

The AR Consortium is an exclusive group of industry leaders and executives actively involved in commercializing augmented reality technologies, defining best-practices, and continuously pushing the envelope of innovation in what AR can do.

“We are excited to join the Consortium and share over 37 years of experience in the interactive gaming industry with our peers,” Says Billy Joe Cain, Business Development Director for Meta 3D Studios. “We believe that our background in telling engaging interactive stories and crafting amazing experiences will take full advantage of the incredible potential of augmented reality.”

“When we designed and assisted in the development of a custom branded Augmented Reality marketing application for the launch of a SyFy channel program, everyone’s eyes lit up and they had such a good time. That was like watching people become kids again,” says Randy Polk, President of Meta 3D Studios. “Your imagination can truly come to life with AR; this is the technology of the future that we have been waiting for. Joining the Consortium gives us the chance to share ideas and collaborate, as well as bring new capabilities to interactive applications we develop and customize for our clients.”

Meta 3D Studios was welcomed into the AR Consortium by Robert A. Rice, the Founder and Chairman of the industry group. The AR Consortium was founded in 2009 to promote best practices and share information in the burgeoning field.

“The team at Meta 3D Studios has an amazing background in developing interactive media and experiences with legendary companies and games.” said Robert Rice, Chairman of the Consortium. “Augmented Reality is so much more than just overlaying 3D images on the real world through smartphones and other devices. Meta 3D Studios has a wealth of talent and expertise to really push the limit of AR and create experiences that are amazing, meaningful, and engaging to users. I’m looking forward to what they are going to do next.”

Train2Game News Live Game Board

logo_title_wbAfter months of hard work the Live Game Board has been announced, the first Augmented Reality gaming platform, released to both players and developers.

Live game board comes with 5 games you can enjoy playing in Augmented Reality. All are available for free for Android at

“Live Game Board is a platform for games and educational applications. That means you can play many games and apps on one single board. Augmented reality way of playing games makes things look much more real and part of your real world. Gaming is also more social, similar to classic table games with Live Game Board you can play the games together with your friends or family.” Stan Kuhn, Founder.

Although it is possible to download Live Game Board for free for self printing, it is recommend to order larger and better quality boards at Boards are available as hard paper or water resistant plastic banners. There are 3 available sizes to maximize AR experience, remember size of the board dictates the size of the game in real world. Smaller boards are better for table play, larger boards are best to use on a floor in your room.

Together with publishing Live Game Board there is also a developer section with tutorials and SDK for Unity3D to help developers to easily add Augmented Reality play mode into their games. All game developers are welcome to get the SDK for free and publish their games for all Live Game Board players. The developer section is available at

Enjoy the video of the Live Game Board in action below