Train2Game News DSP Anime for Unity


Tsugi is pleased to announce the release of DSP Anime version 1.2, a free update of its sound effects creation software.

With a single click, it is now possible to generate several variations of a sound effect, add them as assets to a Unity project, create the meta-files with the right audio settings and even generate a script (in C# or JavaScript) to play these sounds randomly or sequentially, with volume and pitch variations.

Coupled with the powerful procedural audio algorithms of the software, this makes DSP Anime the perfect tool to easily add mesmerizing sounds to a Unity game!

In addition to the new Unity export, DSP Anime 1.2 also brings support for the latest versions of GameMaker: Studio and audio middleware such as Wwise, FMOD Studio, ADX2 and ADX2 LE.

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