Train2Game News Unikrn upgrade


The company behind safe and legal wagering on eSports has had an upgrade, adding several new ways of betting on competitive gaming.

Unikrn, a gaming and eSports company bringing safe and legal wagering to competitive videogame matches and tournaments around the world, is launching version 2.0 of its platform,

Unikrn 2.0 isn’t just a visual overhaul, however.  Along with all the new buttons, Unikrn has added a whole slew of content (articles, interviews, insights, tips, etc.) and new betting options! 

In addition to their traditional match and tournament betting, it now offers the following bets:

Multi Bets :
Multi bets pay out based on the results of multiple events.  On Unikrn 2.0, users can now create a multi bet that pays out if every team they have selected wins.  Multi bets can greatly increase the payout of betting on favorite teams, even if they individually have low odds.

Exotics :
Users will be able to bet not just on the result of a match, but on what happens within those matches.  In the coming days and weeks, Unikrn will start to offer odds on:  “First Dragon/Baron” (League of Legends), “First Blood” (all games), “Highest Currency” (all games), “Knife Kills” (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and many more in-game events.

Handicaps :
Low odds on a favorite team?  Bet with a handicap to increase the payout!  If a user’s favorite team is on a big win streak, they can now handicap them to get better odds.  In best of 3s or more, users will be able to bet as if the team with low odds has already lost the first round, significantly increasing the odds (and payout) if they manage to win the remaining matches.

To celebrate the new version of their platform, Unikrn is proud to announce a new partnership with mousesports, one of the world’s most decorated professional gaming teams.  

The deal covers the CS:GO section of the mousesports brand, and together, mousesports and Unikrn will offer eSports fans an even more exciting look into the world of pro gaming, pro gamers and the games they play.  For more info on the announcement, please see