Train2Game News Betmedia eSports portal


The world of eSport and gaming is growing as Betmedia have got in on the action.

Betmedia, the supplier of online services based on sports information, announced today that it is launching Gaming eSports, a new portal devoted to the world of electronic sports.

This website will operate as an information platform focusing on the new digital pastime that has become a veritable craze amongst young people. Users will be able to discover all of the latest news regarding national and international eSports, as well as gaining access to up-to-date information regarding tournaments, not to mention feature articles and debates. They will also be able to view recorded broadcasts of their favorite games.

In the words of Daniel Fernández, the CEO and co-founder of Betmedia, “the creation of Gaming eSports is the company’s strategic initiative within the eSports sector and our first step in this line of business, which we hope will be highly prolific given the strong projection of this business in the Spanish-speaking world”.

Electronic sports constitute a mass phenomenon that encompasses some nine million people. eSports are currently witnessing an unprecedented degree of growth and development.

Based on new technologies, the potential of the social media and online broadcasting platforms such as Twitch, these sports have already achieved record audience figures that surpass those of the leading TV channels in the United States. According to recent studies, the World Finals of the “League of Legends” achieved an audience figure of 27 million viewers, whilst the DotA2 International achieved 20 million, far surpassing the Finals of the NBA and the Baseball World Series.

According to the specialized consultant, Newzoo, in 2014 there were a total of 205 million online players throughout the world in the different games and competitions that currently exist, featuring audiences that accounted for 3.7 billion viewing hours.