Train2game News Curse Voice success with gamers


Online gaming is a constant struggle in innovation and finding new ways to make a game successful and build a thriving community around any title is hard work.

Curse wanted to discover not only what players wanted from a VOIP service but what helps build a stronger community for the gamers that spend so much time trying to make the most from their time online. In a survey of 1,001 gamers, Curse has discovered that VoIP does in fact improve the online gaming experience.

Voice Communication and Gaming Go Hand-in-hand
·         78% play video games more than 10 hours a week.
·         100% use  some type of voice communication.
·         64% sometimes used voice, while 36% always used voice communication.

Players “Enjoy the Game” More When Using Voice Communication
·         90% played 2 or more PC games with the majority focusing on 2-4 different games.
·         48% use a voice communication service over 50% of the time while gaming.
·         72% had a more enjoyable experience in-game when using voice communication services.

Voice Communication Makes A Game’s Playerbase Stronger, More Engaged and More Positive
·         67% play more frequently when using a voice communication service.
·         74% experienced longer and more successful sessions when using voice communication.
·         70% had more positive game experiences when using voice communication and would prefer using a standardized service through the games in which they play.

Gamers Crave Great Features From Their VoIP
·         70% choose their communication software based on its Features and Performance. 
·         Free to use, Friends list and Friends Sync were also considered very important features in choosing a VoIP service for online gaming.

This data is based on a survey conducted by The sample consisted of 1,001 people to give an accurate representation of the VoIP market. The survey questionnaire was written by and administered through A small, +/- 4% margin of error is accounted for within all results.