Train2Game News Retrogaming and Silent Disco


REZtron Ltd., today announced it will be launching another ‘Retrogaming vs Silent Disco’ night after its successful launch at Sunborn Yacht.This time it’ll be taking place 500ft high at The Attic at Pan Peninsula,Canary Wharf…

Legendary consoles require legendary settings.There is no greater setting than retrogaming high in the sky with a 360° panoramic city view skyline around you that will sure to keep your phone busy.
We’ll be transporting you into the golden era of SEGA gaming with legendary titles on all four generation of SEGA consoles…Master System! Mega Drive! Saturn! Dreamcast! mixed with drinks, mingling, Karaoke, Masquerade and…… SILENT DISCO!! all on top of London’s highest DJ bar….

·         Golden Axe,Rastan, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, R-Type, Streets of Rage 2,Alien Storm, Sonic 2, Road Rash II,Thunderforce III, Super Monaco GP,Virtua Racing,Shadow Dancer,Italia ’90, 8 – player Micro Machines 2, Virtua Cop,Virtua Fighter 2,SEGA Rally, Virtua Tennis,Virtua Striker 2,Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead 2,Power Stones,Soul Calibur,Marvel Vs Capcom and many more will be there to keep you retrotained…

·         Games displayed on Retro CRT TVs and Projector screens on the ceiling

·         Move from table to table experiencing each legendary consoles

·         Sonic speed run Competition+Prizes Giveaway!

·         WIN A MEGA DRIVE!

·         DJ playing some of the greatest Hip Hop and House music from the 80s/90s.

·         SILENT DISCO – Switch between retro and modern music throughout the night with our amazing headphones

·         Dance and Play retrogames in front of a stunning 360 panoramic view of the city skyline that’ll sure to keep your phone busy

·         80s/90s Karaoke….with a view!

·         AND MORE….

Retrotainment will take place on Bank Holiday Sunday August 30th,8pm til 2am. Tickets can be purchased through