Train2Game News Browser Based MMORPG Makes Come Back

Today, project lead Heleor announced that his throwback browser-based MMORPG, Genfanad, will soon commence beta testing.

Genfanad sees players thrown into a fantasy world full of traditional RPG tropes turned on their head, creating a refreshingly modern setting wrapped up in the nostalgic packaging that we all remember. Embark on quests, hone your skills, gather resources and slay those lowly chickens.

Watch the Genfanad trailer here:

“After spending so much time playing and loving oldschool MMORPG’s as a kid, but not so much enjoying the direction of modern games, I decided to do something about it.” says Heleor, “We’re a few years into the project now and we’ve grown a fantastic community. We’re trying to build and have the game grow into its own voice with the help of our players.”

In a world where Abraham Lincoln meets King Arthur’s Knights, there’s little that your imagination can’t achieve – and Genfanad is a sandbox where the sky (or rather, the open seas – there’s sailing planned for the future!) is the limit.

“Keeping our expectations realistic and ensuring that we can deliver,” Heleor says, “Is one of our primary goals. We’re aiming for small-scope, weekly content.”

With an incredible open world, dozens of quests and over twenty unique skills planned, Genfanad is sure to be a nostalgic funfair. And with the ability to engage in PvP coming, it’s time to gear-up, visit the Fae Realms – an all new location full of vicious, murderous faeries – ready your spells and prepare for battle!

Genfanad will be launching to Kickstarter in early September, putting their player-first motto into practice. Offering backers exclusive plushies, in-game titles and physical merchandise, fans both new and old will have the opportunity to bring this project to life.

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