Train2Game News: Hero of Shaolin

Hero of ShaolinHero of Shaolin, an interactive movie style game for Android mobile phones, is now available worldwide on the Google Play Store and was developed by Bitmash Labs.

In the game, the player controls the movie’s main character, Tuta Shen, in a fast-paced, live-action, kung fu match. A player’s accuracy and reaction times dynamically determine the outcome of the movie. Faithful to the chop-sockey genre, the game includes mild profanity and realistic depictions of violence.

Hero of Shaolin is the first Android game based on live-action, martial arts cinema footage. During a match, the game plays a fight scene video. The player must press buttons in sync with the kung fu moves Tuta Shen performs in the movie. Otherwise, the movie transitions to one of several “You Lose” cutscenes.

Theatrical sound effects, retro kung fu music and synchronized haptic feedback add dimension to the overall chop-sockey experience. The game’s melodramatic, English-dubbed dialogues pay tongue-in-cheek homage to the kung fu films of the 1970s.

“Traditional action movies force viewers into an entirely passive role. They exclude viewers from participating in the action or being a real stakeholder in the outcome. The idea behind Hero of Shaolin is to provide the ability to step inside the movie and experience the action first-hand.” said Eric Egalite, the game’s developer.

Hero of Shaolin is now available for free download on the Google Play Store.

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