Train2Game News Future T Gaming looking for staff

Train2GameTrain2Game student, Ed Turrall, is looking for other Train2Game students to join his student studio, Future T Gaming, to work on an interesting idea.

Ed is looking for voluntary Students who have a year or two experience on the course in their respective field. He has a big idea and wants students who would be committed and skilled enough to bring the idea to fruition.

The main objective of the game is to conquer and occupy a new and uninhabited planet in a solar system far away from Earth. The plan once you reach this planet is to make sure you have the necessary resources for your crew and passengers. You start by building Greenhouse buildings where you can then plant food and start working on the atmosphere of the planet.

The way you build and plant objects will depend on what level you are which basically means you can do as much as you want as things will be cheap and sell for a lot. For example, you plant and harvest Oranges or Apples, these will cost you around 5cc (colony coins) to plant but will sell for 20cc and also give you 50exp.

Ed said, “The game idea I have is to make a game like all of these farming games, which are nice, but seem too boring after a certain level is reached. What I want to do is change this way of gaming and bring a new kick into the era of farming games.”

There are a number of positions available for all areas of games development.

If you are interested in joining Ed and Future T Gaming, visit to find out more about the game and to get in touch with him.

You can email Ed with your CV and Portfolio at