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Fresvii, the one-stop platform service for smartphone game developers, today announced Open Beta for APPSTEROID, a Mobile Game Cloud Platform.

APPSTEROID features Chatter, the first in game mobile voice chat, providing mobile developers a feature never before available for mobile games. Chatter allows players on iOS and Android devices to talk with each other while playing a game together, and developers can integrate the voice chat feature seamlessly using Fresvii’s APPSTEROID platform.

“We are excited to introduce the ability for in game chat for mobile gaming. No other platform provides the breadth of community features. APPSTEROID encourages player loyalty which helps mobile developers acquire and retain players,” said Hiro Nakagawa, CEO of Fresvii.

Fresvii also announced that the company has raised $1.8 million funding led by Nissay Capital Co., Ltd. a VC firm based in Japan and other angel investors.

The APPSTEROID Open Beta introduces new features in addition to Chatter:

In-Game Texting: Developers can easily integrate in-game texting into their mobile games.  Players can text to friends while playing their mobile game.

Leaderboards: Quickly integrate Leaderboards that display across both iOS and Android devices. Developers can change the Leaderboards user interface to match their games’ aesthetics.

Matchmaking: APPSTEROID will automatically find opponents across both iOS and Android devices. Developers can setup and define filtering conditions to create the ideal matchmaking systems for their games. The initial release supports turn-based games with up to 16 players.

APPSTEROID services range from community management, game forums, social network integration, and push notifications.  Developers can integrate these features easily via the SDKs, which are specifically designed for developers to add components as needed. The APPSTEROID SDK is cross-platform and supports Unity, Android, and iOS.

Fresvii already has game developers creating games using the APPSTEROID platform:

“APPSTEROID’s suite of game community tools lets me bypass the costly process of building social network infrastructure and focus on great game play instead,” said Chris Pruett, CEO of Robot Invader, a game development studio based in the Silicon Valley.

“Developers can easily wrap other APPSTEROID community features around Chatter such as forums, group and friend management,” said Sherman Luong, Chief Strategist at GameCo, a game development studio based in Newport Beach, CA.

Fresvii also provides a robust platform for 3D avatar automation called Frenbee that allows developers to create avatars easily with Unity.

The Open Beta Release is free and now available for mobile game developers to download at