Train2Game News TopLoaded Rewards Skilled Gamers

image,,  is an innovative online community that rewards video game enthusiasts for playing their favorite video games. is the first website, built from the ground up for gamers by gamers that is designed to showcase the skills of its members. allows gamers to show they indeed have game by rising to the top of the leaderboard in their game of choice – from FIFA 15 to World of Warcraft to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Games are played on any platform, then gamers upload a photograph of their best score to receive points. If they post a score and earn one of the top three places for a given competition, points are added to their profile, as well as a cool custom badge showing their skill level – recognizing gamers at the top of their game.
Once gamers have enough points, through competitions or through a variety of means to earn points, they can unlock challenges, the next level of achievement, with eight new challenges released each week. After completing the challenge, gamers upload a photo proving it has been completed, with the first person completing the challenge winning prizes such as gift cards, gaming gear, games, and entertainment packages. is mobile friendly, allowing gamers to upload a picture of their score pics using cell phones, tablets, as well as desktop and laptops. has no ads and is fully integrated with social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, allowing members to share in even more gamer glory.

Unlike other websites that host tournaments, there is no waiting period to play any of the weekly competitions and challenges. The entire experience encourages gaming skill enhancement.  Competitions and challenges are designed so that they’re hard enough that not everyone can accomplish them. They provide gamers incentive to keep improving in their chosen game.

“We live and breathe games, and we wanted a site to challenge our members and to give them an opportunity to be recognized for their skill through badges, prizes and other incentives because no such site existed,” said CEO John Phillippe. “We wanted to create a community for gamers by gamers that, had an easy barrier of entry, and provided them a chance to have fun through a community of like-minded people.”

Gamers have the option of using the site for free or by paying for an Elite membership. Free and Elite members can earn points for customizing their profile, as well as by completing competitions, posting comments to the forum, submitting game play videos, winning special forum contests and winning special Twitter contests. Points can also be added to a gamer profile by purchasing Top Paks.  Top Paks allow free and Elite members to add points to their profile without having to do the competitions. is community-driven, meaning Elite members vote on the competitions and challenges for the next week. At the end of each week, highlights from the different competitions, gamer interaction, and site news are seen in the Weekly Wrap Up video on the Elite page, providing additional exposure for gamers.

In only a few weeks of operation, already has distributed thousands of dollars in gift cards and rewards.