Train2Game News Windows 10 Technical Preview


Microsoft have announced that the first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is available now for Windows Insiders.

Since Windows 10 is to be the same core platform for PCs, tablets and phones, it should be no surprise that participating in the program for phones will work pretty much the same way it has been working for PCs.

This is the earliest publicly available preview that’s ever been done for Windows on phones. This preview is still very much under development and there’s going to be some rough edges.

You will encounter bugs. You will see experiences that are clearly just not done yet, and UX that lacks polish at this point. DON’T WORRY! It will improve as time goes on and new features, stability and performance improvements, and more polished UX will come at each step.

There’s a lot to love about this build, including familiar features and small improvements, as well as some great new capabilities such as; a full sized background image for Start, more quick actions in action centre, interactive notifications, Significantly enhanced speech-to-text capability, more enhanced photo apps and much more.

The most important thing for Microsoft is that they make sure that anyone who tries this early preview has a way to get back to their prior OS if something goes wrong. They are only supporting phones for the preview that have a recovery image available. A new tool has been created, called the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, that will restore that image if necessary.

Not a single phone during all of Microsoft’s internal testing has been bricked, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE, so you should be aware that there is some potential risk for you. In addition, bugs could prevent access to important features for you, including phone dialing and other core functionality.

Instructions on how to join the Windows Insider program and get your phone set up are available on the Windows Insider website at