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Blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan has teamed up with Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform for gamers, to encourage young men to use their lifesaving power and sign up to the stem cell register.

The Lifesaver Mode campaign, which will be featured on the Twitch website from 29 January, includes new video content, a chance to win a PS4 console and game, and invites gamers to sign up to three emails from Anthony Nolan, explaining more about stem cell donation and how to join the register. Twitch favourites LTZonda and Two Angry Gamers will show just how easy it is to join the register by simply spitting into a tube and sending it off in the post.

Anthony Nolan hopes the campaign will encourage more young men aged 16-30 to become real-life heroes and sign up to be potential stem cell donors. Young men are most likely to be chosen as a match but make up just 15% of the register.

The campaign is particularly close to the heart of the gaming community because Kieron Fairclough (pictured below and in attachment, credit Liverpool Echo), a nine-year-old boy from Bootle and keen X-boxer, is currently looking for a stem cell donor. Diagnosed with a rare and serious condition called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) at the age of two, Kieron’s only hope of a long-term cure is a stem cell transplant to replace his damaged bone marrow with new, healthy cells donated by a stranger – potentially a fellow gaming fan.

Kieron’s mum Ashley said:
‘Kieron’s a proper little gamer and he loves being able to save the world playing his favourite X-Box games, Marvel Superheroes and Superman. He’s also obsessed with vloggers like Dantdm and Stampy Longhead. It’s strange to think there could be another gamer out there who could be Kieron’s own superhero. It could even be a teenager, as you can join the Anthony Nolan register from the age of sixteen. You’ll never know if it’s you, unless you sign up.’
Ashley added: ‘I’m really happy that Anthony Nolan is reaching out to gamers. It feels like the perfect way to get the message out to young guys, and I know they’ll rally behind one of their own.’

Al Scott, Head of Marketing at Anthony Nolan, said:
‘Everyone that joins the Anthony Nolan register is a potential lifesaver. Donating stem cells is a simple, straightforward process similar to giving blood, but it could make a world of difference to a cancer patient and their family. The Lifesaver Mode campaign is looking for more young men to join the register and help us give people suffering with blood cancer a second chance at life.’

The Lifesaver Mode campaign will run until 11 March. If you’re 16-30, you can be a game changer and join the Anthony Nolan register at .