Train2game News Marmalade at GDC


Marmalade is at GDC 2016, showcasing Marmalade 2D Kit, available as part of the award-winning Marmalade Platform.

Marmalade 2D Kit offers a set of tools and APIs to make creating 2D content easier than ever before.

With a focus on user interfaces, Marmalade 2D Kit, can dramatically reduce the time and cost of producing a rich, dynamic and engaging UI experience for your game.

“Marmalade 2D Kit combines an editor and runtime that are purpose-built to cater for 2D content and offers a great alternative to Flash,” says Daniel Hall, Technical Marketing Manager at Marmalade. “It allows content creators to iterate fast and often, which is of high value in the mobile gaming market.”

A good in-game UI is crucial to the overall player experience and with built-in support for UI widgets and a powerful keyframe based animation system, Marmalade 2D Kit lets you take full advantage of this key factor.

By supplying a dedicated runtime as part of Marmalade 2D Kit, integrating the content you create with your existing pipeline and game code is quick and straightforward.

“We provide a lightweight playback component as part of Marmalade 2D Kit,” continues Hall. “This runtime can easily be integrated into any existing rendering pipelines, allowing you to create compelling UI experiences by combining both 2D and 3D content with the UI layout created using the editor.”

“Also, our solution has no Flash runtime overhead and the associated performance impact that often affects VM-based solutions, particularly on mobile.”

Marmalade 2D Kit uses an open format for content, allowing the possibility of integration into any codebase in whatever way you want.

Marmalade 2D Kit is available now as part of the latest Marmalade Platform release.