Train2Game News Gamers make best drivers

Marmalade, the leading specialist in learner and young drivers’ insurance, has revealed that contrary to public perception, gamers are in fact amongst the safest young drivers in the UK.
To ascertain whether hobbies and interests have an impact on how young people drive, Marmalade also surveyed a group of customers. It analysed their driving behaviour, using telematics data from their recent journeys, to identify which interests are most likely to make a driver safer or more reckless.

Marmalade’s own telematics data analysis of its customers concluded that gamers were amongst the safest drivers on UK roads, with many customers gaining higher than average safety scores of over 90% in an average journey.

These findings were then measured against a YouGov survey* commissioned by the insurance company to understand the general public’s perceptions of drivers and what makes a safe driver.

The survey asked the public which hobbies were most generally indicative of reckless driving. 52% of YouGov survey respondents who identified a hobby as indicative of reckless driving, said that those who liked computer gaming are more likely to be a careless driver, significantly more than any other hobby listed. Other options included reading, computer gaming, listening to music, socialising and watching TV/films.

Marmalade wanted to investigate correlations between lifestyle choices and driving style to work with its young customers to help improve driver safety.

Guy Knight, Director of Marmalade, says: “Our ethos has always been to support our drivers by offering second-to-none customer service alongside fantastic products that suit them and their lifestyles. We’re thrilled that our data confirms whatever hobby you choose you can still be a safe driver.”

In support of Marmalade’s findings, research from the University of Rochester, USA,  shows that video game players develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them, and this benefit doesn’t just make them better at playing video games, but improves everyday activities like driving.

Jim Knight, a 20-year-old Ambassador for Marmalade, says: “I do enjoy gaming and I feel I’m a good and safe driver –it might even impact positively on my driving. I believe that my hobbies have no impact on my driving, so please don’t stereotype us!”

With this insight, Marmalade has developed a quiz game and competition for young drivers to take part and discover what type of driver they are. Entrants will also be in with a chance to win a Vauxhall Corsa, 1.4 litre SRI: .

Train2Game News Marmalade 2D Kit

Marmalade Technologies releases latest version of Marmalade 2D Kit as part of Marmalade Platform 8.5
First introduced in Marmalade Platform 8.3 in March, Marmalade 2D Kit offers an advanced editor and runtime to make creation of engaging and dynamic 2D content both intuitive and fast.

“We have been working hard to improve the editor’s appearance, user experience and functionality, based on feedback from users,” says Adalberto Bruno, CTO at Marmalade Technologies. “With this latest release, our significant investment in this technology puts advanced capabilities in the hands of all Marmalade developers, offering a highly competitive feature set at no additional cost.”

Marmalade Technologies’ in-house game development team, Marmalade Game Studio, makes extensive use of Marmalade 2D Kit to power the entire UI on one of their latest titles, RIZE: Zombies, currently in soft launch.

“Having an editor focused on the specific needs of 2D content creation was a huge productivity boost, allowing rapid iteration and experimentation to fine-tune the UX in RIZE: Zombies,” says Laura Cheng, Producer at Marmalade Game Studio. “We are also seeing growing interest and uptake by other studios, helping us to continue to focus on the features that matter most to users,” adds Ryan Gilmour, Head of Product Management.

In addition to an all-new version of Marmalade 2D Kit, Marmalade Platform 8.5 also brings official support for OpenAL, opening up opportunities for developers to add immersive 3D sound to their apps using a simple, extensible model.

“OpenAL support continues to expand the number of out-of-the-box open source technologies available to our developers,” continues Ryan. “And by building on our platform abstraction we are able to offer this powerful middleware to all platforms simultaneously, including those not supported by alternative implementations of OpenAL.”

Rounding out Marmalade Platform 8.5, developers targeting Windows can now take full advantage of live tiles in their Marmalade apps and both new and existing Extension Development Kit users will benefit from enhanced documentation covering creating and debugging extensions.

Marmalade Platform 8.5, the latest version of the Marmalade Platform, complete with Marmalade 2D Kit, is available now from the Developer area of the Marmalade website.

Train2Game News Marmalade engine upgrade

Marmalade Technologies Ltd, a privately owned technology company, brings C++11 support to the Marmalade Platform.
In September, Marmalade Technologies introduced a standalone beta of the Marmalade Platform with C++11 support. Today, with release of the  Marmalade 8.4, C++11 support comes out of beta and is now available as standard. 

“C++11 marks a step change in the overall capability of the language, enabling developers to write more expressive, efficient and maintainable code,” says Adalberto Bruno, CTO at Marmalade Technologies. “C++11 is also becoming increasingly popular in 3rd party codebases, many of which are complementary to modern game development.”

Continuing to deliver on its core cross-platform capability, the Marmalade Platform removes the need to write compiler or library specific code when using C++11, offering consistent and predictable behavior regardless of the target platform.

“Although C++11 is not a new standard, only now are compiler vendors reaching mature support and even then there remains differing levels of capability, depending on the toolchain and target platform,” says Ryan Gilmour, Head of Product Management. “We’ve taken all that additional complexity away and levelled the playing field for developers who want to take advantage of C++11, with a write once, deploy anywhere approach.”

Alongside C++11 support, this update brings over 200 bug fixes and improvements across all areas of the Marmalade Platform. From support for Slide Over and Split View multitasking on iOS 9 to the latest Chromium Embedded Framework for webviews on Windows Desktop,  Marmalade 8.4 is one of our biggest releases to date.

The latest version of the Marmalade Platform with C++11 support is available now from the Developer area of the Marmalade website.

Train2game News Marmalade at Microsoft Developer Conference


Marmalade Technologies Ltd is attending Build 2016, Microsoft’s annual developer conference.

Between March 30 and April 1, the team behind the award-winning game development platform will be on-hand in the Moscone Center, San Francisco, showcasing the latest version of the Marmalade Platform.

Marmalade is excited to demonstrate how the Marmalade Platform, Windows and Visual Studio work together to create innovative games for Windows 10 and more.

“Marmalade has worked closely with Microsoft to support both Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015,” says Ryan Gilmour, Head of Product Management at Marmalade. “The Universal Windows Platform, at the heart of Windows 10, and Visual Studio 2015’s focus on cross-platform development are an ideal fit for our technology.”

The Marmalade Platform offers simple, direct integration with Visual Studio 2015, requiring only a single click to open your project in the IDE: it’s then ready to build, deploy and debug.

“Being able to offer Marmalade developers the ability to build, deploy and debug their games for iOS, Windows 10 and Android, with Windows and Visual Studio, is a great feature,” continues Gilmour. “And thanks to the built-in Visual Studio Emulator for both Windows and Android, you don’t even need to have a physical device on-hand to get going with debugging natively.”

Build 2016 delegates will also see how Marmalade 2D Kit reduces the time and cost of building a rich, dynamic and engaging UI experience for gaming apps. On top of this there will be an opportunity to glimpse the future of Marmalade 3D Kit, including Marmalade’s next generation graphics architecture, built to take full advantage of technologies such as DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.

Marmalade will be at booth #707 during Build 2016. All Windows developers attending the event are invited to visit us to see the Marmalade Platform and Visual Studio in action together.

Build 2016 visitors interested in speaking to Marmalade in person at the event can book a meeting via the Build 2016 event page on the Marmalade website.

Train2game News Marmalade at GDC


Marmalade is at GDC 2016, showcasing Marmalade 2D Kit, available as part of the award-winning Marmalade Platform.

Marmalade 2D Kit offers a set of tools and APIs to make creating 2D content easier than ever before.

With a focus on user interfaces, Marmalade 2D Kit, can dramatically reduce the time and cost of producing a rich, dynamic and engaging UI experience for your game.

“Marmalade 2D Kit combines an editor and runtime that are purpose-built to cater for 2D content and offers a great alternative to Flash,” says Daniel Hall, Technical Marketing Manager at Marmalade. “It allows content creators to iterate fast and often, which is of high value in the mobile gaming market.”

A good in-game UI is crucial to the overall player experience and with built-in support for UI widgets and a powerful keyframe based animation system, Marmalade 2D Kit lets you take full advantage of this key factor.

By supplying a dedicated runtime as part of Marmalade 2D Kit, integrating the content you create with your existing pipeline and game code is quick and straightforward.

“We provide a lightweight playback component as part of Marmalade 2D Kit,” continues Hall. “This runtime can easily be integrated into any existing rendering pipelines, allowing you to create compelling UI experiences by combining both 2D and 3D content with the UI layout created using the editor.”

“Also, our solution has no Flash runtime overhead and the associated performance impact that often affects VM-based solutions, particularly on mobile.”

Marmalade 2D Kit uses an open format for content, allowing the possibility of integration into any codebase in whatever way you want.

Marmalade 2D Kit is available now as part of the latest Marmalade Platform release.

Train2Game News Clan of the Cloud


Clan Of The Cloud has today unveiled its new ‘platform agnostic’ CloudBuilder framework for any developer to incorporate social elements into their app, game or any program they are working on, whether for corporate content to social gaming.

The company is already partnered with and speaking to many indie game developers, medium sized studios and healthcare companies including Pastagames, The Game Bakers, Astraware & Advanced Mobile Applications.

The launch of this new version for the framework sees these libraries come out of Beta and phased into general release and can be accessed here:

Clan of Cloud is truly disrupting the social experience – with only one line of code you can add many features such as:

    Social Features – Chat, Twitter & Facebook sharing, Leaderboards, Challenges, Push Notifications, Offer Rewards/Gifts and more.

    Monetisation – IAP, Set your own virtual currency, view sales/ROI, Virtual items on the fly, Rewards & promotions all in real-time.

There’s also a full CRM system, which gives developers complete data collection & control per user in real-time including data export/bulk push notifications.

Whether you’re working on Mobile (Android, iPhone, BB, Windows Phone), web (HTML5) or desktop to third- party middleware including STEAM, Unity3D, Marmalade, all these features are available and cross pollinated seamlessly with all of these platforms.

The features the cloud-based framework offers would usually take developers a minimum of four months to create via dedicated programmers – Clan of the Cloud are already there.

The latest version of the framework is online from today via

Train2Game News Marmalade Event

Marmalade#include is a cosy, informal winter meetup in London for indie developers to share in the magic of mobile game development.

Marmalade have pulled together an interesting lineup of speakers who want to share their knowledge and experience with you, helping you make your projects better and your games fly.

#include is split into 2 parts – Making Games and Selling Games. The event will be taking a close look at what makes games successful, from tech to toolkits to platforms, analytics, services, and discovery on stores. Confirmed so far are speakers from Amazon, Microsoft, Nomad Games, Lemon Moose Games, GameSparks, Ukie, Develop Magazine, and many more to come.

Attend #include for a great day of listening, learning and knowledge sharing with the indie dev community. Win great prizes in the #include challenge (theme ‘Bah! Humbug!’), enjoy a free lunchshare and then some beers at the end of the day!

Sign up here: Tickets are £10 which is fully refunded at the event.

Train2Game News Marmalade 7.4 update


Marmalade Technologies Ltd, providers of the free, top-rated cross-platform app development tool, today announced the release of Marmalade 7.4.

The updated SDK includes a wealth of new features to assist developers in deploying their apps to a broad range of platforms, maximizing their potential reach and revenue streams.

Harvey Elliott, CEO, Marmalade Technologies Ltd: “The release of Marmalade 7.4 is yet another milestone met for Marmalade and the fast growing Marmalade Community, which has more than doubled over the past year. By making continuous improvements to our core C++ tool, we give game developers of all shapes and sizes the ability to publish native performance games on the app stores that matter, without expensive reworking and consuming valuable development time.”

Marmalade 7.4 Key Features
·        Windows Phone 8.1 platform support
Developers can now extend apps and games to take advantage of WP8.1 features. For example there is now  no need to pre-compile shaders
·        iOS 8 and Xcode 6 support
Update and submit your Marmalade apps ahead of public release – use the latest Xcode IDE. The release includes fixes which will ensure Marmalade apps continue to work with iOS8.
·        In-app purchase support for Roku
Easily monetise Roku apps
·        Marmalade Web support for Firefox OS
Bring your Marmalade Web apps to the Firefox OS marketplace
·        Facebook Support
Marmalade 7.4 includes updated Facebook SDKs
·        Plus more useful fixes and updates that can be explored further  here.

Train2Game News Great British Summer Game Jam

Great British Summer Game JamMind Candy has partnered with Autodesk to encourage people to get into game development, promote the UK’s games industry and experiment with new technology and hardware in the first ever Great British Summer Game Jam.

The Jam will see development teams creating games around the “British Summer” theme to win a variety of prizes from the likes of Unity3d, Marmalade and PlayJam. Ukie is also supporting a special “Accessibility Award”, judged by accessibility consultant Ian Hamilton, for the game which is the most accessible to those with impairments and disabilities.

The Great British Summer Game Jam will run from Saturday 5th July to Sunday 6th July but teams will be encouraged to tinker with some of the new technology that Mind Candy has collected from various partners from Thursday 26th June to start preparing for their game. The technology for the jam is provided by partners Autodesk, Marmalade, Unity3d, Simplygon, Allegorithmic, PlayCanvas, PlayJam (GameStick), Simplygon and AMD. Anybody of any skill level can sign up, be it students or established developers, and take part remotely or in person at Mind Candy’s offices in East London, where jammers will be kept supplied with sustenance, funky office space, WiFi and power.

CTO of Mind Candy, Jeff Reynar said “At Mind Candy, we know from experience that a small game idea can turn into a massive break-out hit.  We love Game Jams and run them internally – they are a great way to discover and try out new ideas, or just to have fun! We are hugely excited to be hosting The Great British Game Jam in our London office and can’t wait to see what everyone creates!”

CEO of Ukie, Dr Jo Twist said “We are really proud to be part of this fantastic initiative and to be supporting the Accessibility Award in particular. Jams like these are a great way to raise awareness around issues like accessibility and with today’s huge array of technology, tools, and ways to reach new audiences on different platforms, there has never been a more exciting time to make games. It will be fantastic to see what kind of creative and innovative projects come out of the Jam from some of the UKs best developers.”

The Jam kicks off with a briefing session and tech presentation at Mind Candy’s office today (Thursday 26th June). It will be recorded and put on online after for anybody who misses it. For more information or to register for the briefing session, follow this link –

Train2Game News Marmalade SDK goes free

MarmaladeDevelopers will now be able to download the Marmalade SDK for free.

Marmalade Technologies has announced that a free license is now available for its flagship product, which enables studios to create games for multiple platforms, including iOS Android, Blackberry, Tizen and both Windows Phone and Windows Store using a single codebase.

Developers will also have access to other products, such as Marmalade Quick, Marmalade Web and Marmalade Juice, which helps them convent iOS projects to run natively on Android.

Meanwhile, developers with Marmalade’s Indie, Plus or Pro licences can now develop games for Windows and Mac, Roku and selected Smart TV platforms.

“Following feedback from our developer community, I’m delighted that we are now able to give all developers the world over the ability to experience the full power of the Marmalade SDK for free,” says CEO Harvey Elliott.

“We know from our community that maintaining native performance for apps across different platforms is a top priority, and now all developers can use a free version of the Marmalade SDK, meaning no compromise on performance whatever their platform and freeing them to concentrate on making fantastic apps and games.”

Source: Develop