Train2Game News Great British Summer Game Jam

Great British Summer Game JamMind Candy has partnered with Autodesk to encourage people to get into game development, promote the UK’s games industry and experiment with new technology and hardware in the first ever Great British Summer Game Jam.

The Jam will see development teams creating games around the “British Summer” theme to win a variety of prizes from the likes of Unity3d, Marmalade and PlayJam. Ukie is also supporting a special “Accessibility Award”, judged by accessibility consultant Ian Hamilton, for the game which is the most accessible to those with impairments and disabilities.

The Great British Summer Game Jam will run from Saturday 5th July to Sunday 6th July but teams will be encouraged to tinker with some of the new technology that Mind Candy has collected from various partners from Thursday 26th June to start preparing for their game. The technology for the jam is provided by partners Autodesk, Marmalade, Unity3d, Simplygon, Allegorithmic, PlayCanvas, PlayJam (GameStick), Simplygon and AMD. Anybody of any skill level can sign up, be it students or established developers, and take part remotely or in person at Mind Candy’s offices in East London, where jammers will be kept supplied with sustenance, funky office space, WiFi and power.

CTO of Mind Candy, Jeff Reynar said “At Mind Candy, we know from experience that a small game idea can turn into a massive break-out hit.  We love Game Jams and run them internally – they are a great way to discover and try out new ideas, or just to have fun! We are hugely excited to be hosting The Great British Game Jam in our London office and can’t wait to see what everyone creates!”

CEO of Ukie, Dr Jo Twist said “We are really proud to be part of this fantastic initiative and to be supporting the Accessibility Award in particular. Jams like these are a great way to raise awareness around issues like accessibility and with today’s huge array of technology, tools, and ways to reach new audiences on different platforms, there has never been a more exciting time to make games. It will be fantastic to see what kind of creative and innovative projects come out of the Jam from some of the UKs best developers.”

The Jam kicks off with a briefing session and tech presentation at Mind Candy’s office today (Thursday 26th June). It will be recorded and put on online after for anybody who misses it. For more information or to register for the briefing session, follow this link –

Train2Game news: Mind Candy offer advice on writing a great CV

Train2Game students looking for work in the industry, or applying for placement schemes, will know that a good CV is of the utmost importance.

They’ll therefore be highly interested in Develop’s latest ‘New Year, New Job’ feature in which Mind Candy’s Head of Recruitment Richard Chipchase gives advice on how to write a stand out CV.

Fast growing, East London based Mind Candy are the studio behind Moshi Monsters.

CV’s should be treated like a first interview. Get it wrong and you won’t be progressing to the next stage  Every recruiter, HR person or agency will have a different opinion on what’s good and what’s not so the best way to improve your CV is simply to go back to basics.” said Chipchase.

“ Ensure you have a Profile, Skills, Key Successes, Career History, Education and Hobbies/Interests section included in the content. Make sure the CV is no longer than two-pages – this differs from country to country – and make sure there are absolutely no spelling or grammatical mistakes whatsoever.”

The Mind Candy Head of Recruitment added that including a portfolio is essential, especially for artists.

“Bullet points are great, gaps in career history should be explained and never forget to include your contact details and link to your portfolio if you’re an artist.” he said.

“If you want to do something a bit crazy with your CV to stand out from the crowd, this is fine but research who will be receiving it and the type of company you are sending it to. It might be entirely wrong for a bank, but perfect for a creative. Again, do your research.” Chipchase added.

Read the feature in full here.

Train2Game students should keep an eye on Develop Online’s jobs feature for more excellent advice from industry professionals. Previous articles include PopCap on how to be a better game designer , and advice from Valve’s Gabe Newell on how to be a better developer.

So Train2Game, have you started to write a CV yet? If so, do you have any advice to share of your own?

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