Train2Game News Talisman Digital Edition On Xbox

Today, Nomad Games published Talisman: Digital Edition for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles.

Launched as part of the Skulls Festival by Games Workshop, Nomad Games are excited to bring their flagship title to the Xbox for the very first time.

Originally released by Games Workshop as a board game in 1983, Talisman is a fantasy adventure board game in which players compete to reach the centre of the board first.

As they play, players increase their skills, gain allies and embark on thrilling adventures. Based on the 4th Edition of the physical game, Talisman: Digital Edition on Xbox will allow players to battle against up to 5 friends locally or online via Xbox Live.

During the Skulls Festival Event, Talisman: Digital Edition players on all platforms can also expect to find time-limited events where they can unlock new avatars and titles in-game, exclusive to the Skulls Festival. They can then show these off to their friends, to prove their loyalty to the Skull Throne.

The Xbox version of Talisman: Digital Edition will be available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, and will launch with a range of expansions and characters for players to purchase. The base game will retail for £9.99 / € 11.99 / $ 11.99, while expansions and extra characters will be offered at a range of prices.

We’ve never launched a title onto Xbox before, so we’re massively excited to see what a whole new group of players think of Talisman: Digital Edition.said Thomas Young, Digital Marketing Specialist at Nomad Games. “We’re hoping we can continue to bring more of our digital board games to the platform in the future, if Talisman does well!”

Train2Game News Talisman character funding SpecialEffect


A new character for the million-unit selling Talisman PC and mobile game will be launched on June 10th thanks to a fantastic collaboration between Nomad Games and SpecialEffect, the charity which helps people with physical disabilities enjoy games.

The new Shaman character will be available as DLC from this week and is the result of a competition which Nomad Games launched earlier this year in conjunction with SpecialEffect. Fans of Talisman were invited to submit ideas for characters, with the winner voted by Nomad Games’ enthusiastic community.

US-based Graham Zaretsky was the winner of the fiercely-fought competition, with his ideas then brought to life by three artists and gamers supported by SpecialEffect, namely Amandeep Singh Heer, Ben Clark and Gareth Garratt. The three produced sketches and collages to develop the look and feel of The Shaman.

This week Zaretsky, plus Singh Heer, Clark and Garratt will see her brought to life in the game, with The Shaman available to download for £1.49, with revenue raised from the DLC going to SpecialEffect.

In addition, fans of the PC sku will be given the opportunity to choose what they pay for The Shaman character, with Nomad Games hopeful that its loyal community of Talisman fans will raise even more money for SpecialEffect.

“We’re delighted that The Shaman will finally be available for Talisman,” said Don Whiteford, MD of Nomad Games. “She’s a very special character, given that she’s been created jointly by the Talisman community and SpecialEffect.

“We are blown away by the work that SpecialEffect does to support people with disabilities to play games, and we’re honoured to lend our support to them in terms of raising awareness for this very special charity, but also to support them financially via sales of The Shaman.”

SpecialEffect’s Fund Raiser Nick Streeter added: “We can’t thank everyone at Nomad enough for this brilliantly original way of supporting our work, and for their team to involve some of the people we help in the design process was a magnificent gesture.

“All the staff at SpecialEffect are immensely excited about the launch of the Shaman, and the money raised will go straight into helping more people, whatever their physical disability, to benefit from the magic of video games.”

Graham Zaretsky, who won the competition earlier this year, offered: “I’m deeply honoured that The Shaman was selected to help raise money for SpecialEffect. I love the artwork and that it is exactly in the spirit of the character that I imagined. I hope that it helps raise a lot of money and awareness for the charity.”

Train2Game News Talisman character from SpecialEffect


A new character for Talisman Digital Edition will be immortalised with help from SpecialEffect, the charity that helps people with physical disabilities to enjoy gaming.

The proceeds of this new character will go to SpecialEffect, so more people with disabilities can be supported to reap the rewards of gaming.

A collaboration between Nomad Games and SpecialEffect will bring Talisman to people with disabilities. Not only will the game be provided to people that SpecialEffect supports, Nomad Games are asking those same people to get involved and design a character for the game.

The first step is to come up with some character ideas, and for the last few weeks Talisman Digital Edition fans have been submitting ideas for a new Talisman character. There has been a phenomenal response with over 200 entries, and it’s been a very difficult job to whittle them down to a shortlist of 6!

This shortlist will be going out for a public vote on the Nomad Games web site in January, where people will have a week to vote for their favourite idea.

When the character has been chosen, SpecialEffect gamers will create an artwork design for the new character. This will then be submitted to Nomad Games to convert into a new digital Character Card, which will go on sale over the coming weeks.

“When friends introduced Nomad Games to the work of SpecialEffect we were hugely impressed and realized that, as a games maker and publisher, we should lend our support. In an exceptional way, SpecialEffect put gamers with physical disabilities on a level playing field with every other gamer.”, said Don Whiteford, MD at Nomad Games Limited.

Train2Game News Marmalade Event

Marmalade#include is a cosy, informal winter meetup in London for indie developers to share in the magic of mobile game development.

Marmalade have pulled together an interesting lineup of speakers who want to share their knowledge and experience with you, helping you make your projects better and your games fly.

#include is split into 2 parts – Making Games and Selling Games. The event will be taking a close look at what makes games successful, from tech to toolkits to platforms, analytics, services, and discovery on stores. Confirmed so far are speakers from Amazon, Microsoft, Nomad Games, Lemon Moose Games, GameSparks, Ukie, Develop Magazine, and many more to come.

Attend #include for a great day of listening, learning and knowledge sharing with the indie dev community. Win great prizes in the #include challenge (theme ‘Bah! Humbug!’), enjoy a free lunchshare and then some beers at the end of the day!

Sign up here: Tickets are £10 which is fully refunded at the event.

Train2Game News Talisman on Google Play


Nomad recreates the original Games Workshop board game for Android devices, complete with expansions and characters.

For fans of Talisman, this new digital edition offers many new ways to enjoy the gameplay and detailed visuals of this iconic card and dice based adventure. Talisman Digital Edition offers AI opponents, multiplayer pass to play, and online competition against anyone with a compatible Android phone or tablet.

Talisman Digital Edition is easy to learn, yet offers depth of play through its variety of character types, magic spells and pure fantasy folklore. Fighting Dragons, performing alchemy or magic and defeating the Grim Reaper are just a few of the many possible scenarios, and each game tells its own unique and memorable role-playing tale.

Talisman Digital Edition is available on the Google Play Store, together with two popular expansions: ‘The Reaper’, which adds many new characters, spells and cards, and ‘Frostmarch’ which also adds alternative endings for faster games.

Don Whiteford, Co-Founder of Nomad Games, said ‘Talisman Digital Edition series is a superb way for friends and family to enjoy fantasy adventure gaming, wherever they are.’

Train2Game News: Talisman levels up to PC

Nomad Games have announced that the popular board game, Talisman, will see it’s video game début. It is aiming for launch on PC on the 22nd or 23rd November. It will cost £5.99.

Talisman: The Magical Quest Game is a fantasy themed adventure board game for two to six players, originally designed and produced by Games Workshop and now published by Fantasy Flight Games. The game was first released in 1983 and has gone through several revisions.

The game that launches this month is Talisman: Prologue, a single-player quest-based virtual version of the board game.

Prologue includes 10 characters, ranging from the warrior to the wizard, who each have five quests. Once you complete a character’s set of quests a bigger quest is unlocked. It’s designed as an introduction to the game, with a bigger version, complete with AI, multiplayer and a new set of quests for Prologue, due to launch on smartphones, tablets and PC early 2013.

The quest system is designed to give players a way to experience all the different characters and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Nomad commercial director Don Whiteford explained “If you’ve got the board game, in order to try out 10 different characters you’re going to have to play the thing 10 times,

“And even then after 10 times you’re probably not fully au fait with what that character can really do strategically.

“The questing system is a great way to get people into the game and let you try stuff out.”

Nomad accepted Games Workshop’s offer to work on Talisman because of the success it had seen others have with video game versions of board games, such as Carcassonne, Catan and Ticket to Ride. In addition to that one of its designers is a huge Talisman fan.

Talisman also has a Steam Greenlight page. Whiteford reckons it has a 50/50 chance of being greenlit on Valve’s community approval platform. Even if it is successful, it could be months before it launches on Steam.

I am personally really looking forward to this game as I have many memories of playing it with my family through my childhood. I have played a demo of the game and it does feel like the board game. I am very happy to see this being released.