Train2game News Fear the Walking Dead Mobile Game


AMC and the video game publisher Versus Evil announced today that Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run, the official mobile game based on AMC’s record-breaking TV series, is now available worldwide for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run puts players in the shoes of their favorite characters from the show as they try to escape a devastated Los Angeles and the Infected hordes that have overrun the city.  Gameplay takes place across familiar landscapes including an abandoned church, a high school, and the local sports arena. The game features over 40 weapons and special episode levels that deliver storylines paralleling the events of the TV series.

The free mobile game will be discussed on “Talking Dead: Fear Edition,” which will premiere on Monday Night. AMC exclusively premiered the highly-anticipated new season of “Fear the Walking Dead” worldwide in more than 125 countries.

“We wanted to launch the game in a unique and exciting way that honored the great show on which it’s based. The game is both thrilling and visually-appealing as players try to survive the apocalyptic fall of Los Angeles,” said Mac McKean, SVP of Digital Media for AMC and SundanceTV.

“We’re all huge fans of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ and it’s been great working with AMC to bring this game to the fans,” said Steve Escalante, GM and founder of Versus Evil. “Our goal from the beginning was to create a fun, accessible experience that stayed true to the energy of the show. We hope fans enjoy playing as their favorite show characters and competing with their friends in a world falling apart.”

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is initially available exclusively on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at

Download for free on iPhone and iPad:

Train2Game News Mobile MOBA Beta


Allstar Games, a leading mobile publisher, has today announced forthcoming mobile MOBA, Allstar Heroes, has now entered closed Beta in the UK.

The Closed Beta, which is currently only available to those with Android devices, will be playable from 26th March to 14th April. To get in on the mobile MOBA madness, head over to the Play Store and download the game now at:

Allstar Heroes brings the complete MOBA experience to mobile devices, smashing together the strategy synonymous with the genre with the fast, fun, pick-up-and-play nature of traditional mobile titles.

“The arrival of the Closed Beta marks an incredibly important and exciting time for everyone here at Allstar Games” said Bea Wang, Vice President at Allstar Games. “We’ve poured our heart into making the game as fun as possible, and I hope everyone enjoys their time with it.”

To celebrate the launch of the Closed Beta, players can now register at the following link to earn in game rewards:

Train2Game News Talisman character from SpecialEffect


A new character for Talisman Digital Edition will be immortalised with help from SpecialEffect, the charity that helps people with physical disabilities to enjoy gaming.

The proceeds of this new character will go to SpecialEffect, so more people with disabilities can be supported to reap the rewards of gaming.

A collaboration between Nomad Games and SpecialEffect will bring Talisman to people with disabilities. Not only will the game be provided to people that SpecialEffect supports, Nomad Games are asking those same people to get involved and design a character for the game.

The first step is to come up with some character ideas, and for the last few weeks Talisman Digital Edition fans have been submitting ideas for a new Talisman character. There has been a phenomenal response with over 200 entries, and it’s been a very difficult job to whittle them down to a shortlist of 6!

This shortlist will be going out for a public vote on the Nomad Games web site in January, where people will have a week to vote for their favourite idea.

When the character has been chosen, SpecialEffect gamers will create an artwork design for the new character. This will then be submitted to Nomad Games to convert into a new digital Character Card, which will go on sale over the coming weeks.

“When friends introduced Nomad Games to the work of SpecialEffect we were hugely impressed and realized that, as a games maker and publisher, we should lend our support. In an exceptional way, SpecialEffect put gamers with physical disabilities on a level playing field with every other gamer.”, said Don Whiteford, MD at Nomad Games Limited.

Train2Game News The Princess Bride game


Gameblend Studios today announced the launch of  The Princess Bride – The Official Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Prepare to play!

Based on William Goldman’s romantic fantasy-comedy, famously brought to life in Rob Reiner’s 1987 film, The Princess Bride – The Official Game takes players into this classic story to experience its best and boldest moments firsthand. There are four games to play within the adventure:

    Survive the Shrieking Eels!
    Scale the Cliffs of Insanity!
    Cross swords and duel with Inigo!
    Wrestle against a Giant!

Each mode features its own unique leaderboard, challenges and rewards, including genuine images and audio clips to unlock from the film. The game is designed with Retina-display art crafted to pop vividly on iPhone 6 and iPad devices.  Future free updates will test the players’ wits and have them running through the dreaded Fire Swamp.

Mars Williams from English rock band The Psychedelic Furs composed the music for the game.

The Princess Bride – The Official Game is available for $3.99 on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Train2Game News Sharknado the game


Developer Other Ocean (Dark Void Zero, #IDARB, NBA Rush), in partnership with publisher Majesco Entertainment Company, today announced that Sharknado: The Video Game is now available for download on iOS.

Based on the film sequel “Sharknado: The Second One,” players assume the lead role as Fin as they race to destroy a series of shark-infested tornadoes threatening New York City in this thrilling action-adventure game. The game is available in North America starting today for $2.99, in anticipation of the film’s Syfy premiere on July 30.

“The Sharknado movies already exhibit a strange video game logic, so translating them into a work of interactive art wasn’t much of a challenge,” said Sharknado: The Video Game Director Frank Cifaldi. “We still have a soft spot for the licensed games of our childhoods, the ones that took a lot of strange liberties in the name of fun, and I think we’ve succeeded in bringing that feeling to the 21st century.”
“We still haven’t seen the ‘Citizen Kane’ of video games, but at least we have our Sharknado,” he added.

In Sharknado: The Video Game, players will:

    Run through the streets of Manhattan wielding a broadsword

    Bounce off of the backs of tiger sharks to reach higher ground

    Feed buckets of fish to angry sharks to avoid dying

    Surf New York’s flooded avenues, avoiding hammerhead   stampedes

    Collect official Sharknado trading cards

    Fly into the heart of the sharknado clutching tightly to a chainsaw

    Learn valuable lessons about sharks…and themselves

To learn more about Sharknado: The Video Game visit:

Download available for $2.99

Train2Game News 12 Year Old launches successful game


Spacepants, the hit iPhone and iPad game developed by 12-year-old Sam Smith, is now available for Android devices on the Google Play store.

Spacepants was named one of the “Best Apps of the Week” in  The Guardian on its original release, and was featured by Apple on the front page of the UK App Store. Since then, it has received acclaim from players and critics across the world for its “Easy to play, hard to master”, “just-one-more-go” gameplay.

“Spacepants are the future of trousers,” explained Sam. “In the game they give our hero, Guy, the ability to walk up walls and along ceilings. But when his Spacepants malfunction and cannot be stopped, Guy’s survival skills will be tested to the limit. And beyond. And, incredibly, beyond even that.”

The objective is to survive for as long as possible against hordes of deadly aliens, and to compete against other players for the highest score possible.

Its young creator has been delighted by the game’s success. Despite his age, Sam has been making games for some time, having been taken out of school and home educated from the age of nine.

“School just didn’t work for me,” he said. “I’ve learned much more through game development than I ever could in the classroom. I couldn’t be happier to see so many people play and enjoy Spacepants, and I’m thrilled to bring it to Android devices.”

Sam has received tremendous support from the game development community. Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell helped Sam to launch his Twitter presence @boxfacegames, and gave Spacepants breakthrough coverage. Gaming radio show One Life Left and the Indie Haven podcast had Sam as a guest – and Spacepants has been used as an outstanding example of British creativity in presentations to teachers, students and even to government.

Sam is now hard at work on his next game. At this stage, he will only reveal that “it’s about a robot”.

Spacpants costs 99p from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Train2Game News Final Fantasy VII G-Bike


Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE, a thrilling high-speed action chase game from FINAL FANTASY VII, is coming to iPhone and Android. The game will be free to play with in-app item based purchases.

G-BIKE is one of the most loved mini games from the FINAL FANTASY series. Making its appearance in FINAL FANTASY VII (released in 1997), G-BIKE could be played at a specific point in the main story or from the Gold Saucer amusement centre. G-BIKE is now taking its turn in the spotlight, completely re-made with modern technology as a brand new mobile game experience.

FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE is an authentic racing game that sees you speeding through the FINAL FANTASY VII world. The game offers quick and easy play on touch devices, in which gamers can enjoy thrilling high-speed bike chases as well as deep RPG like elements such as customisation, character growth and item collecting.

Enjoy one of the most visceral parts of the FINAL FANTASY VII universe in the palm of your hand!


A motorcycle chase based action game set in the world of FINAL FANTASY VII

·         Perform many exciting actions in full 3D stages, evading obstacles and attacking the enemy at high speed.

Elements unique to FINAL FANTASY VII

·         Experience familiar sights from the unique universe of FINAL FANTASY VII, such as classic monsters and Cloud Strife’s awesome fighting techniques, recreated with beautiful graphics.

Deep gameplay to savour, including numerous missions and character development

·         Contains a wealth of familiar gameplay features including different missions, gigantic boss battles, detailed weapon customisation and item collecting elements