Train2Game News Talisman character funding SpecialEffect


A new character for the million-unit selling Talisman PC and mobile game will be launched on June 10th thanks to a fantastic collaboration between Nomad Games and SpecialEffect, the charity which helps people with physical disabilities enjoy games.

The new Shaman character will be available as DLC from this week and is the result of a competition which Nomad Games launched earlier this year in conjunction with SpecialEffect. Fans of Talisman were invited to submit ideas for characters, with the winner voted by Nomad Games’ enthusiastic community.

US-based Graham Zaretsky was the winner of the fiercely-fought competition, with his ideas then brought to life by three artists and gamers supported by SpecialEffect, namely Amandeep Singh Heer, Ben Clark and Gareth Garratt. The three produced sketches and collages to develop the look and feel of The Shaman.

This week Zaretsky, plus Singh Heer, Clark and Garratt will see her brought to life in the game, with The Shaman available to download for £1.49, with revenue raised from the DLC going to SpecialEffect.

In addition, fans of the PC sku will be given the opportunity to choose what they pay for The Shaman character, with Nomad Games hopeful that its loyal community of Talisman fans will raise even more money for SpecialEffect.

“We’re delighted that The Shaman will finally be available for Talisman,” said Don Whiteford, MD of Nomad Games. “She’s a very special character, given that she’s been created jointly by the Talisman community and SpecialEffect.

“We are blown away by the work that SpecialEffect does to support people with disabilities to play games, and we’re honoured to lend our support to them in terms of raising awareness for this very special charity, but also to support them financially via sales of The Shaman.”

SpecialEffect’s Fund Raiser Nick Streeter added: “We can’t thank everyone at Nomad enough for this brilliantly original way of supporting our work, and for their team to involve some of the people we help in the design process was a magnificent gesture.

“All the staff at SpecialEffect are immensely excited about the launch of the Shaman, and the money raised will go straight into helping more people, whatever their physical disability, to benefit from the magic of video games.”

Graham Zaretsky, who won the competition earlier this year, offered: “I’m deeply honoured that The Shaman was selected to help raise money for SpecialEffect. I love the artwork and that it is exactly in the spirit of the character that I imagined. I hope that it helps raise a lot of money and awareness for the charity.”