Train2Game News Contra Returns

Contra Returns, a new addition to the legendary KONAMI run-and-gun action franchise Contra, is available for pre-registration on mobile devices starting today.

Developed by TiMi Studio Group and KONAMI, Contra Returns will be bringing a fresh twist to the iconic retro arcade shooter. Players can pre-register on Google Play and the Apple Store today to gain exclusive rewards.

Contra Returns will be launching on July 26.

Contra Returns brings fans of the franchise an authentic new take on the Contra series, enhanced with all new graphics, gameplay upgrades, and more. New characters, storylines and customizable weapons allow players to unlock skills and conquer the battlefield with the same thrill of the arcade originals.

Contra Returns offers over 200 levels, new game modes including One Life Mode, 1v1, and 3v3 modes, player and equipment upgrades and customization, and more, creating the ultimate Contra experience!

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Train2Game News Text Based RPG LaunchesToday

Knights of San Francisco – a state-of-the-art text-driven RPG in which a young necromancer explores what remains of the ancient city of San Francisco – is launching today on the App Store and Google Play!

Raise the dead, find your way through the ruins, and experience dynamic combat through Natural Language Generation (NLG) in this minimalist, black-and-white RPG with a foreboding setting that takes gamebooks into uncharted territory.

What if goblins, ogres, and dragons weren’t imagined? What if our ancestors were, unwittingly, foretelling the future? Find yourself in that future, centuries from now, among the ruins of what was once the 21st century – where these terrifying creatures roam freely…

A Weird Take on Interactive Literature
Knights of San Francisco is the labor of love of writer-programmer Filip Hracek and illustrator Alec Webb. Although this Egamebook can conceivably be completed in about 90 minutes (an “unapologetically short game,” in the words of Filip), it strives to leave you with more memorable experiences than most longer games. Knights of San Francisco is closer to tabletop role-playing games than traditional computer RPGs – doing away with numbers and graphics in favor of telling the player what’s actually happening the way a Dungeon Master would. Of course, things are still meticulously tracked in the background – but there are no big tables to look at or tactical maps to read.

“In Knights of San Francisco, I follow what I call ‘social change through escapism,’” says Filip Hráček, founder of Raindead. “I see two types of games. One type goes for pure fun (e.g., Doom). The other focuses on surfacing important topics (e.g., Depression Quest). It’s rare to see entertainment that lets the audience have escapist fun and at the same time become aware of a deeper message. It’s okay if that message only reaches about one percent of the audience; what matters is that the message is there – and that it can be decoded if so chosen. The whole game is a modern version of the medieval vanitas, except it’s wrapped in a fantasy romp.”

Key Features:

Dynamic Combat: Simulated to the level of individual body parts. Cleave off someone’s leg, take it, and bash it over their head! An NLG system explains what’s happening to you in plain English.

Make Your Choices with Caution: Every action has consequences! Make a mistake in battle and you could lose recruits in your party.

A Living, Breathing World: Lots of the text isn’t pre-written, but generated. The world continues on without you.
Quick Gameplay: Hop right into the fray! Experience automatic saving and no loading screens.

Premium Experience: Single purchase with no IAPs.

Knights of San Francisco is now available on the App Store and Google Play for $2.99.

App Store:

Google Play:

Train2Game News LootXP


Want free gaming stuff? Of course you do! LootXP is a new app (and website) that delivers you the best perks gaming has to offer, including Steam codes, beta keys to the latest upcoming games, in-game items, discount codes and so much more! Best of all, it’s all free!

LootXP is also a win-win solution for publishers and developers, as well as gamers. LootXP will provide them with an easy and risk-free method to expand their audience and raise the awareness of their game. The platform will help promote their game titles in a engaging and reliable way while at the same time giving value to gamers.

Now available via Google Play, users can simply download the LootXP app to their Android enabled mobile device and the iPhone version is coming to the Apple Store soon. LootXP connects our Looters with the best gaming companies in the world, and provide them with all the free loot they can handle.

For more information, head over to

Train2Game News Talisman on Google Play


Nomad recreates the original Games Workshop board game for Android devices, complete with expansions and characters.

For fans of Talisman, this new digital edition offers many new ways to enjoy the gameplay and detailed visuals of this iconic card and dice based adventure. Talisman Digital Edition offers AI opponents, multiplayer pass to play, and online competition against anyone with a compatible Android phone or tablet.

Talisman Digital Edition is easy to learn, yet offers depth of play through its variety of character types, magic spells and pure fantasy folklore. Fighting Dragons, performing alchemy or magic and defeating the Grim Reaper are just a few of the many possible scenarios, and each game tells its own unique and memorable role-playing tale.

Talisman Digital Edition is available on the Google Play Store, together with two popular expansions: ‘The Reaper’, which adds many new characters, spells and cards, and ‘Frostmarch’ which also adds alternative endings for faster games.

Don Whiteford, Co-Founder of Nomad Games, said ‘Talisman Digital Edition series is a superb way for friends and family to enjoy fantasy adventure gaming, wherever they are.’

Train2Game News Google Play outnumbers iOS

Google PlayGlobal Google Play downloads exceeded iOS App Store downloads by around 60 per cent last quarter, according to a new report.

According to the Q2 2014 Market Index from analyst App Annie, Google Play downloads shot up by 15 per cent compared to the same period in 2013.

The growth is apparently being driven by emerging markets, with Brazil, Thailand and India all seeing significant increases in Google Play downloads.

In India this is being helped by a large number of consumers switching to smartphones. The country climbed two spots to become the third biggest Google Play downloader during Q2 2014.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s market share in Google Play downloads doubled in the Sports category from Q1, partially thanks to the country’s hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup’s impact on the Sports category wasn’t limited only to Brazil – the entire category grew by 20 per cent, with notable increases in World Cup winner Germany, runner-up Argentina and the US.

China and Japan were the primary drivers of iOS revenue, which despite falling download numbers still managed to bring in 80 per cent more revenue than Google Play. The latter remains the largest country in terms of App Store and Google Play revenue combined, with games providing more than 90 per cent of the total figure.

Oliver Lo, EVP of marketing at App Annie, commented on India’s rise in the download charts: “The notion that ‘West is Best’ is holding less sway as Google Play and iOS App Store are being increasingly supported by emerging smartphone markets such as India and China.

“The fact that only 10 per cent of the Indian population is smartphone-enabled is an exciting prospect for app publishers looking for new markets to explore. We expect strong Google Play downloads combined with future smartphone adoption to help set the stage for rapid growth in India’s mobile app-related revenue by 2017.”

Source: MCV

Train2Game News: Play to help beat Cancer

Play to cureA new iOS and Android game allows players to help Cancer Research UK scientists fight cancer in real life.

Play To Cure: Genes In Space is a free game in which the player has to collect a fictional substance dubbed Element Alpha. This represents genetic cancer data, which might underpin certain types of cancer.

By playing the game and collecting Element Alpha, players are actually helping analyse significant amounts of genetic data, which would take Cancer Research scientists hours to do.

The game is actually a cleverly disguised data analysis tool, so by mapping a route through an asteroid field and then collecting the Element Alpha in it (while dodging and shooting asteroids), players are actually sending back data analysis to the Cancer Research labs.

Play To Cure: Genes In Space can be downloaded free on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

You can enjoy the trailer for Play To Cure: Genes In Space below.

Train2Game News: Games Industry News – 30.08.13

unity-logoIt’s the end of the week so it’s time for the games industry news round up.

Unity Technologies unveiled new 2D tools and workflow for the Unity engine and editor to meet increased demand for features designed to address the specific challenges of creating 2D games. Now in beta, the first iteration of the 2D tools, many of which are included in the free version of Unity, will be released with the Unity 4.3 update this fall. The charge to improve workflow begins with the introduction of a dedicated scene view, which includes specialized 2D scene manipulation tools. Scene view can be toggled between the traditional view or set as the default when creating a project. Importing, manipulating, and working with 2D assets are made easier with the addition of a new sprite texture importer type, automated atlasing, and dedicated 2D renderer component. Adding 2D art to a scene is as easy as dragging a sprite from the asset library into the scene where Unity will then automatically create an object. If you are a fan of 2D games and work with Unity you now have no excuses to get a game out there!

Wizards of the Coast announced that the Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers Expansion will release on September 18, 2013. Adding depth to the latest installment of the wildly popular Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise, the Magic 2014 Expansion will give players the opportunity to explore new planes, fight new enemies and face new challenges. Just like the full game the expansion will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC via Steam, PlayStation Network, iPad, and Android via Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The new expansions includes; five new decks, new campaign levels, five new challenges and more persona portraits.

Activision Publishing, Inc., in association with Nickelodeon and developer Red Fly Studio, announced, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – a new, team-based, third-person action-brawler debuting on the Xbox Live online entertainment network from Microsoft for Xbox 360 as a part of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade 2013, and on Windows PC via Steam. Starring Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows puts the focus on combat, characters, and co-op. Its swift and tactile fighting system affords players dynamic choices on the battlefield, rewarding successful combo flourishes, expert counterattacks, and brutal takedowns. The Turtles’ full range of personalities are on display throughout this original story in the TMNT universe, bringing humour and attitude to the unfolding narrative and influencing each character’s unique fighting style. The game will be released on September 25.

NEXON Europe had the pleasure to announce that global pop sensation, media personality and all-round gentleman, PSY, is appearing in the enormously successful online free-to-play games MapleStory and Combat Arms. PSY took the world by storm with his hit single Gangnam Style, inspiring everyone from news readers to the UN Secretary General to join in with his unique brand of K-pop humour. Over a billion YouTube views and global chart domination is not enough for the dance phenomenon however; starting this month and following another huge hit single, Gentleman, PSY will be bringing his outrageous personality to NEXON Europe’s most popular titles.

Steve Ballmer is to retire as Microsoft CEO within the next year, the company revealed, adding credence to the rumours of a management reshuffle which accompanied Don Mattrick’s departure earlier this year. Ballmer will oversee the choice of his successor before taking retirement and remain as CEO during that process. The Microsoft board has appointed a special committee chaired by lead independent director John Thompson and including chairman of the Board Bill Gates, chairman of the Audit Committee Chuck Noski and chairman of the Compensation Committee Steve Luczo. Microsoft has said that it will be looking both internally and externally for candidates.

Train2Game News: Google Play downloads surpass App Store

Google PlayThe number of downloads on Google Play was ten per cent higher than on iOS during the last quarter, according to research.

Stats from analytics firm App Annie claimed that India, Russia and Brazil were helping drive increased downloads on Android devices.

Despite getting more downloads however, the iOS App Store was generating over twice as much revenue as its Google Play counterpart. Games were said to dominate revenue share for both app stores, representing 75 per cent of revenue on iOS, and 80 per cent on Google Play.

The UK, along with the USA and Japan, were ranked as the top countries by revenue on iOS during Q2 2013. Japan, South Korea and the USA meanwhile drove revenue on Google Play, accounting for 70 per cent of total spend. The UK ranked fifth behind Germany.

This information may help influence a mobile game any Train2Game student studio is currently creating. It also does show that the games industry is still constantly growing and has taken over the mobile market.