Train2Game News Gamers make best drivers

Marmalade, the leading specialist in learner and young drivers’ insurance, has revealed that contrary to public perception, gamers are in fact amongst the safest young drivers in the UK.
To ascertain whether hobbies and interests have an impact on how young people drive, Marmalade also surveyed a group of customers. It analysed their driving behaviour, using telematics data from their recent journeys, to identify which interests are most likely to make a driver safer or more reckless.

Marmalade’s own telematics data analysis of its customers concluded that gamers were amongst the safest drivers on UK roads, with many customers gaining higher than average safety scores of over 90% in an average journey.

These findings were then measured against a YouGov survey* commissioned by the insurance company to understand the general public’s perceptions of drivers and what makes a safe driver.

The survey asked the public which hobbies were most generally indicative of reckless driving. 52% of YouGov survey respondents who identified a hobby as indicative of reckless driving, said that those who liked computer gaming are more likely to be a careless driver, significantly more than any other hobby listed. Other options included reading, computer gaming, listening to music, socialising and watching TV/films.

Marmalade wanted to investigate correlations between lifestyle choices and driving style to work with its young customers to help improve driver safety.

Guy Knight, Director of Marmalade, says: “Our ethos has always been to support our drivers by offering second-to-none customer service alongside fantastic products that suit them and their lifestyles. We’re thrilled that our data confirms whatever hobby you choose you can still be a safe driver.”

In support of Marmalade’s findings, research from the University of Rochester, USA,  shows that video game players develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them, and this benefit doesn’t just make them better at playing video games, but improves everyday activities like driving.

Jim Knight, a 20-year-old Ambassador for Marmalade, says: “I do enjoy gaming and I feel I’m a good and safe driver –it might even impact positively on my driving. I believe that my hobbies have no impact on my driving, so please don’t stereotype us!”

With this insight, Marmalade has developed a quiz game and competition for young drivers to take part and discover what type of driver they are. Entrants will also be in with a chance to win a Vauxhall Corsa, 1.4 litre SRI: .