Train2Game News Marmalade engine upgrade

Marmalade Technologies Ltd, a privately owned technology company, brings C++11 support to the Marmalade Platform.
In September, Marmalade Technologies introduced a standalone beta of the Marmalade Platform with C++11 support. Today, with release of the  Marmalade 8.4, C++11 support comes out of beta and is now available as standard. 

“C++11 marks a step change in the overall capability of the language, enabling developers to write more expressive, efficient and maintainable code,” says Adalberto Bruno, CTO at Marmalade Technologies. “C++11 is also becoming increasingly popular in 3rd party codebases, many of which are complementary to modern game development.”

Continuing to deliver on its core cross-platform capability, the Marmalade Platform removes the need to write compiler or library specific code when using C++11, offering consistent and predictable behavior regardless of the target platform.

“Although C++11 is not a new standard, only now are compiler vendors reaching mature support and even then there remains differing levels of capability, depending on the toolchain and target platform,” says Ryan Gilmour, Head of Product Management. “We’ve taken all that additional complexity away and levelled the playing field for developers who want to take advantage of C++11, with a write once, deploy anywhere approach.”

Alongside C++11 support, this update brings over 200 bug fixes and improvements across all areas of the Marmalade Platform. From support for Slide Over and Split View multitasking on iOS 9 to the latest Chromium Embedded Framework for webviews on Windows Desktop,  Marmalade 8.4 is one of our biggest releases to date.

The latest version of the Marmalade Platform with C++11 support is available now from the Developer area of the Marmalade website.