Train2Game News Cyber Sprites win first ever Game Marmalade


Train2Game toasts the winners of the first ever dedicated online Game Jam for students

The first ever Game Marmalade has drawn to a close and Cyber Sprites were announced as the winners. The winning team will be provided with a Games spec Laptop provided by Train2Game.

The student organised Game Jam for Train2Game students was well attended and the games produced impressed event organisers. The event was a great chance to meet new people and learn new skills. It was a close call between Psyber Sprites and the Loonys right up to the very end.

The event was created and managed by Train2Game forum member Slinks. She was extremely happy with how the event went, especially with the games the students produced and the networking opportunities created.

There’s potential for another Game Jam in the future but that’s not confirmed at this time. Slinks and participants will continue ongoing networking discussions and are happy for students to join in future chats via TeamSpeak.

Game Marmalade founder Slinks said: ‘Great evening in the channel, it was an awesome event with lots of positives for the future. I think everyone who took part should be really proud of everything they achieved. Congratulations and well done to all of you.’

Artwork from winning game




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