Train2game News Yogscast new mobile channel


Yogscast, the UK’s leading games video specialist, is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of TAPP, a new YouTube channel dedicated to all things mobile gaming.

TAPP is being created by Yogscast’s in-house production team and will be fronted by the firm’s star personalities including Kim, Duncan, Martyn and Hannah and will produce regular video entertainment focussed on iOS and Android gaming.

The TAPP launch is in partnership with IPC Ventures, who are using the channel to promote their Gaming Top Talent competition to find the best mobile gaming devs in the world, and reward them with prizes worth over $1M.

TAPP will launch with a range of programming covering the latest games being released and regular features on 3 May.

“We’re really excited to be launching TAPP, which we’re confident will quickly become the leading channel for iOS and Android gaming on YouTube,” said Mark Turpin, CEO of Yogscast.

“We all play games on our phones and tablets as well as PCs and consoles and it’s always been a frustration that it’s hard to find great videos that will help us find new games or enjoy the ones we’re already playing. I’m also delighted to have a legitimate reason to be able to expense all my gem purchases in Clash of Clans.”
“Gaming Top Talent is a great partnership for us as it means we’ll also be able to discover the best new mobile games while they’re still in development – and with the prizes on offer we know there will be both strong competition and high quality games being produced,” Turpin added.

“Through our Gaming Top Talent initiative we are taking on the challenge of finding the best mobile games being made and sharing them with the world”, said Shelley Lau, Managing Partner at IPC Ventures, “which is why we are excited to partner with Yogscast, a pioneer in the games video industry with a dedicated, game-loving fanbase.”

More details about TAPP and the initiative with Gaming Top Talent and other partners ​will be released over the next few weeks.