Train2Game News Unlocked the World of Games Revealed

Sean Astin, Tom Arnold, Penn Jillette and Michael Rooker top a list of celebrities exploring the world of gaming in the new 8-part docu-series.
Mediajuice Studios, a Dallas, Texas-based film and television production house, has announced the release of the 8-part documentary series UNLOCKED: THE WORLD OF GAMES, REVEALED starring celebrity hosts Sean Astin, Tom Arnold, Matt Walsh, Penn Jillette, Michael Rooker, Zelda Williams, Alison Haislip, and Meghan Camarena. The series will be released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Steam starting December 15th and is currently available for pre-order.

From Executive Producer Sean Astin and Director Jeremy Snead, UNLOCKED: THE WORLD OF GAMES, REVEALED is a genre defining 8-part documentary series that, through eight celebrity correspondents, explores a variety of previously untapped areas within the video games industry. From Sean Astin’s exploration of game design schools and the world of video game journalism to Tom Arnold’s journey into the past, present and  future of games, the series dives into dozens of topics within the world of gaming and features a who’s who of game industry heavy hitters. 

Matt Walsh covers non-traditional areas by meeting with doctors and field experts to understand the psychology of gaming, while magician Penn Jillette dives into the world of modern game development. 

Other series hosts include Michael Rooker and his look into the fascinating world of gaming motion-capture (mo-cap) technology, Zelda Williams investigating hospitals use of games as therapy and rehabilitation, Alison Haislip behind the scenes at Nintendo, and YouTube star Meghan “Strawburry17” Camarena exploring the global explosion of competitive video gaming, better known as esports.

UNLOCKED: THE WORLD OF GAMES, REVEALED was directed, written and produced by Mediajuice Studios’ founder Jeremy Snead, executive produced by Sean Astin, Dusty Womble, Brett Womble, and also features William Shatner, Tony Hawk, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Interviews included in the show feature a litany of video game industry icons, field experts, scientists, game designers and many more.

“Jeremy’s determination and ability to explain the world of gaming through the documentary medium in such a thorough yet entertaining way is pretty incredible,” said Executive Producer Sean Astin about Unlocked director, Jeremy Snead.

“The goal in producing a series like Unlocked is to educate and entertain the audience on all these fascinating topics within the world of gaming all with a cast of curious correspondents that the audience is familiar with,” said Jeremy Snead. 

“Intellectually stimulating, and way more interesting than I expected. Fun, and I learned a lot,” said host Tom Arnold of his journey into gaming in Unlocked.

“I now have a true appreciation for the art, business and downright hard work of game development,” said host Penn Jillette about his experience throughout filming Unlocked.

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