Train2Game News Video Game Development The Rock and Roll Years

Never before has a book been written about the reality of working for computer games companies, from the early 8 bit days onwards, until now.
This book, Video Game Development – The Rock and Roll Years – By Shaun McClure, is a warts and all account of what it was really like; frequently not getting paid, living under desks, dealing with addiction, and self harming. This book is a first hand account of working on games for some of the biggest companies in computer game history.

Shaun McClure had his first artwork published in computer games whilst still at school, growing up in Yorkshire, in the mid 1980’s. He progressed from working from his bedroom to fulltime employment, all around the UK’s fledgling games industry companies, meeting a few of the more famous game developers of the time along the way, and working on some of the best, and worst, games of that era.

The book is available on Amazon as either a kindle download, or paperback. It is 250 pages long and is packed with some of the original illustrations, game designs, photos, and magazine articles from the era.