Train2Game News Full-Body Motion-Tracking Technology Kickstarter

Singapore tech company Refract is excited to announce that its AXIS Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its crowdfunding goal with days to go.

AXIS (Active XR Interface System) is a full-body motion-tracking technology that is designed to offer premium features, accuracy and usability at an accessible price.

Designed with active gaming in mind, the game controller gives players complete freedom of movement and incredible levels of immersion as they use their bodies to control the on-screen action. A series of wearable sensors wirelessly track gamers’ full-body movements in real-time, all without the need for large and complex external base stations.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until October 2nd, so now is the last chance for consumers to secure huge discounts on the final retail price before it enters full production in 2022. 

The Refract team’s vision was to create a low-latency and affordable full-body controller to deliver an immersive motion gaming experience. The result is a series of sensors with a wireless hub that delivers on their goals and more. With just nine sensors and an on-body hub for inside-out positional tracking, the setup is designed to be simple for anyone to use, especially in smaller spaces.

Besides being compatible out-of-the-box with OpenVR, OpenXR and SteamVR, AXIS also works with popular VR systems like Oculus, making it an excellent add-on for users who want to enhance their current setup.

AXIS has three setups to meet different needs: Standard, VR, and Creator.

These are tailored for gamers, VR experiences, and motion capture animators, respectively.

Each setup uses the same basic technology, and thanks to the ability to rapidly swap and assign sensors, it is easy to add or remove them to alter the configuration quickly.  As well as making the system easily scalable, this versatility also makes it incredibly affordable compared to other popular trackers.

The sensors and hub also have a stylish, water-resistant design for users who work up a sweat while playing.

Founded by tech and games industry veterans from Unity, EA, and Ubisoft, Refract numbers over 40 employees and has seen consistent growth since 2018. In the first step towards full-body motion control, Refract entered into a pioneering partnership with World Taekwondo to develop its virtual sports program. 


  • Connect wirelessly and without need for external base stations
  • Real-time low-latency full-body tracking for gaming and more
  • Compatible with OpenVR and SteamVR applications
  • Interchangeable and detachable straps and sensors
  • Real-time, low-latency for a variety of uses

By reaching its Kickstarter goal of $100,000, Refract can ensure that the AXIS hardware can enter mass production on schedule.

Gamers can still back the standard setup of nine sensors and hub plus a copy of Freestriker for $499 USD and save over 35% on the RRP when it is released in 2022.

For more information, or to back the project, head over to the Kickstarter page.

Information is also available on the Refract website at