Train2Game News Flawless Studios recruiting


New Train2Game student studio on the hunt for team members

Flawless Studios looking for Train2Game students to join existing young team and work on The Damned One

The Flawless Studios team are working on a British set survival horror game called: The Damned One. It is about a village where people are mysteriously going missing, after the lead character summons a demon through a Ouija board. The hero then goes through the game searching for his family, closely pursued by the demon.

Flawless Studios is made up of three members: Lead Designer and CEO: Aaron Miles, Ashley Miles: Audio engineer and composer and Artist: Mike Cahill. The team is looking for dedicated artists and developers. The successful applicant will be someone who can commit time to a project all the way to its completion. The team are currently looking for Artists and Developers. But they are open to interest from all Developers, if you are skilled, they want you in the team. It’s an unpaid opportunity but the experience will be great for students portfolios.

The team are relatively early into the course but they have the enthusiasm and dedication to get making games. Long term they plan to launch a successful games on to the Playstation Store and Xbox Live, they want to create a dedicated fan base of gamers following the work they create.

To apply all you need to do is get in touch with the team and be able to dedicate your time to a project. Apply by emailing