Train2Game News Student Studio lands lucrative contract

LDP OnlineAppatier Limited has begun a project for a training provider; creating a Pizzeria to teach employees about ‘Kaizan’

John Esslemont and his team are designing a game for online training provider LDP-Online as part of a paid contract. The art of Japanese organisation is combining with the modern phenomenon of videogames (and pizza), as Appatier Limited design an app to teach employees about management. John also used the opportunity to say he supports Train2Game and the work it does for students.

The team is currently working on a pizza game that teaches people about ‘Kaizan’ which is Japanese for organisation. The educational game lets people learn about management and perfect running a team. It sounds simple but designing a game where multiple actions have to time together to the second, has been a challenge. It’s the first game of its kind that John is aware of, but he expects lots more in the future.

John has had a good experience with Train2Game and loves the staff; he learnt lots about games development and self-motivation. Says some students don’t get the most out of Train2Game and they are to blame for not applying themselves. That many students have gone on to setup indie studios and work at AAA Developers. Extremely appreciative of the staff at Train2Game and grateful to them for getting him where he is today.

John is using all his own project management skills to get the job done, and working with his team on the project. The job came through his Train2Game network of contacts. His advice to other students looking to get professional contracts is get out there and ‘work your butt off.’

John Esslemont, Director, Appatier Limited: ‘The experience was good with Train2Game and the staff that work for them are amazing! With Train2Game I learnt a lot of aspects of game development through the course and other students along with a load of self-study which is essential to learning in any field.’

‘I see some people feeling disgruntled with Train2Game that they haven’t learnt anything or haven’t progressed and feel the need to blame Train2Game. That is complete rubbish, I know a tonne of students who are now into AAA games, or indie games studios, it all takes self-discipline to get anywhere in this field. Sorry just felt like I needed to get that in there.’

‘Without train2Game and I sincerely mean this, I doubt I would be where I am, the staff there I have got to know over the past couple years have been amazing with me, especially Harry & Eric, those guys are the boyo’s.’

‘Right now we are working on a restaurant style game that is designed to help people learn Kaizan, which is a Japanese term for organisation essentially. The client is LDP-Online. It will but will be available via LDP-Online and the App Stores. We hope this will be the first of many projects.’

‘The point of the game is for you to think like a manager, you must position your staff and give them jobs to complete. The app will be used for training purposes on the Kaizan principle.

‘If your staff do a terrible job that is of course down to you, and you must learn how to adapt to this fast to get your staff in a rhythm, which will in turn generate you more profit and help you complete the game. It is in terms of thought a small game, turns out all the inner workings like timings, staff jobs, etc are a little more complicated than we first thought.’

‘The job came through a contact of Train2Game, part of the training providers network. As a student they were aware of me and then I got put forward for the job, and was lucky enough to get it. I haven’t seen very many of games like this, mostly because I haven’t searched for them, but I 100% believe that this sort of thing will grow exponentially in the training markets.’

‘The biggest thing I feel that is helping me personally is my ability to manage a team and understand the whole process while being involved in every aspect of the game’s design and development. I am a programmer, but also project manager along with the director so I have to organise everything and make sure everyone is working to deadlines and plans, if they are not that needs to be changed or adapted to the current situation.’

‘I’ve not worked on anything like this at all, in fact it was our first 2D game so we had to learn a lot of the basics and setups to get this right. Once you feel comfortable making games you tend to throw yourself into it really. It has gone really good up to now, some hiccups but nothing serious which is always good.’

‘The timings and how everything is structured has been difficult, the game is designed in such a way that the timings need to be near perfect for it to work. For example is a guy is walking from point A to point B but he needs to take 7 seconds to arrive there, we then need to dynamically change his speed so that it only takes him 7 seconds to get there. Simple math but lots of things like this piling up and all intertwining can become a bit of a brain dead moment.’

‘My advice for other students looking for their first paying client: Put yourself out there; go to the Unity forums, Unreal forums, UpWork and more. Honestly apply for everything within your skill set or what you think you can do. Do not ever be put off by someone asking for something you don’t know what to do right now as that is part of learning. So if you see a job you like the look off and have say a basic understanding of what needs to be done and how you would roughly do it, then go for it!’

‘Once you have your client, work your butt off for them, but also remember to not let them think they own you, define what your work will involve and work to what you both agreed. If they want changes, that is fine, if they want more features or something similar charge them for your time!’

‘I learnt that the hard way!’

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Train2game News 2 Brothers Form Student Studio


Train2Game studio on the hunt for more team members

Turrall brothers have formed SolarFlare and now looking to grow the team

Two brothers based in West Midlands are looking to expand their studio and take on new volunteers to create games with them. They are using the studio to get hands on experience and want to offer others the same opportunity.

The team called SolarFlare are made up of Edward and his brother. Edward is studying with Train2Game, he’s had a positive experience with Train2Game and wants to get more students involved in studios. The Turrall’s created SolarFlare to release games in the UK on Android, and looking to take steps into Switzerland in the future.

The brothers are using SolarFlare as work experience in their games making journey and the door is open for more students to join them. They also want anyone who is interested in gaming to join up and experience is not necessary, new team members will learn on the job and thrown straight into a working company.

Edward Turrall, Train2Game student and SolarFlare founder, said: ‘My name is Edward James Turrall, 23 years young and live in the West Midlands.’

‘I did a course with Train2Game a few years back. It was the Arts and Animation course, however I did not finish that one and got transferred to the App Development course which I am still doing as we speak. Admittedly, I am taking longer than I thought I would as a lot of other things have come up since I started.’

‘Both the courses have been very informative for me and helped me gain more experience in each field. App Development and Art & Design. My experience with Train2Game was amazing and 100% positive, I would, in future, work together with them to get more Students involved in new Studios, existing Studios and more Student arranged Events.’

‘SolarFlare is a new start-up Studio that my brother and I have formed because we love making games and wanted to get into the Industry in the UK and Switzerland as we want to take the Gaming Industry over there.’

‘We founded the Studio in November 2015 with the aim to develop Android and iOS games at the beginning and then large scale multi-platform MMORPGS based in the distant (or near) future. Another aim that I have had for the UK Office was for Students to get the opportunity to work together with some professionals and gain experience, almost like work experience, just this won’t be anything like it.’

‘I myself aim to give Students a chance to be part of a large company without having to go through years of University or education. They will be able to join us (as long as they Study anything to do with games, art & design or App development) to hone on their skills, get experience and build an amazing Portfolio/CV for the future! Any students we like, could even be offered a starting position in the Studio and work themselves up the ladder.’

‘We are a family run business as it is my brother and I. We get along well, work gets done and we give the players what they want. Games have been a HUGE part of my life growing up, and have helped me through times where I had nothing else to do as a kid. They’ve given me a new sense of my imagination and inspired me to do a lot of things such as Photography, 3d Art and Design and more. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done all of those things without games, but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to adjust my imagination in such a way without them.’

‘I want to help other people and show them that not everyone needs to go to school for years just to get a great job. I want to be able to pick a few students from a College, give them all a computer and an office to work in and give them 2 months to make a game. And then hopefully over them a job if they can pull that off. If not, I will give them a chance to change their lives and learn more than they could ever learn in a College or University as they would be working on real games, with real people and with real money involved. Sure the College/University Degree/Diploma will be needed at some point, but I hope to be able to work together with Train2Game so that they could work towards that degree while working for us at SolarFlare Studios.’

‘At the moment we only develop for the Android market place as we do not have the funds available to release onto iOS devices. But we plan on working that out in the near future and then develop iOS games as well as Android games. I can’t tell you much about the latest project as it is still on the drawing board, however I can tell you guys about the game already released.’

‘The game we already released on the Android Market is called Count Rockoola and features a Rock that happens to be a Vampire. You adventure as this rock, collect Blood as the Score, Premium Garlic as the “Coins” in the game and avoid the normal Garlics as they will, as you are a Vampire, hurt you and then kill you if you happen to find too many of them (5). The project itself is still in its infant stages but I am bringing out new updates soon to fix a few issues we’ve been having. Crashing issues, Sound issues, Sprite issues, etc. The other things I am also working on are procedurally generated Levels as I do not have any Level Designers that could help me make any at this point.’

‘We are looking for new people!! However, you cannot really call them “employees” as they will not be getting paid as of yet. But in the near future, if we make enough games and enough people download them & buy in game currencies, they will be paid per Level they make.
For example; You make 1 Level for a game that’s got 500,000+ Downloads, if 50% out of those 500,000+ people buy currency, you will be paid. Depending on the length of the Level you made, you will be paid around £1 – £50. It all varies on your experience as well.’

‘But for now, we just want Students to get involved as we want them to gain experience and get a good feeling with the Programme we are using. You just need to know how to use a Programme called Construct 2, which was made by Scirra LTD. You will need to know how to make a Level in it and how to send it as an individual file. Nothing special J’

‘The main objective of our “employees” will be to make Levels and improvements to the game if they wish to do so, in future, I want to be able to have over 500 levels, if not over 2,000. They will need to be able to attend weekly, if not daily Skype calls to give us updates on what they are doing and give us weekly/monthly reports on the Levels they have made, if they hit any issues or if they’ve made a mistake in the game.’

‘This is a great opportunity for a Student to jump out of their comfort zone and show everyone what they can do! If you are someone that wants to show everyone what you can do, then you should come help us out! You will learn a lot about is and about the gaming industry in the UK. You will have the chance to meet new people and get closer to something you love doing – MAKE GAMES.’

‘We aim to be the first ever Gaming Studio to succeed in Switzerland and bring games to the people down there in Central Europe. We aim to help Colleges and Universities with Student Projects and give them support with Students that don’t know how to do a certain thing. We want to show people that making a game isn’t always “fun” or “lazy” or something you do because you are a Nerd/Geek. I myself, want to give everyone the opportunity to jump out of their seat, shout at the TV and say “I HELPED MAKE THAT GAME!!!!” without having to hide it. Be proud of making a game and be proud to be a gamer. The future is now, not tomorrow.’

‘Join SolarFlare Studios as a volunteer, help us spread our wings and you might just get a chance to be part of the Studios first ever employees to bring out amazing games for Kids, Teenagers and Adults in each and every country of the world.’

Visit SolarFlare here:

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Train2Game News Commando Kiwi looking for artists


Professional Studio wants Train2Game Artists to help complete project.

Studio seeking artists to work on Valour: Shadow of Grimdark
Commando Kiwi is reaching out to the Train2Game student community to help complete its new title set to be released 2016.

The team are close to completing the project and need help to create 3D assets. They are looking for a couple of artists to come on board for the final stages of the build. The Artists chosen will receive a credit on a shipped title, which will be a huge endorsement as they embark on their professional games development careers.

Commando Kiwi is an independent studio and the majority of the members are current or former Train2Game students. They are hugely popular in the Train2Game community and won the Make Something Unreal Live Competition in association with Epic Games a few years ago. The team is relatively large for an Indie studio, with ten team members plus outsourced audio support.

The team want to create a game that all team members can use in their portfolios, showing off their work with a project that out shines the average indie title. The first release will be used to get feedback from community and if it’s a success Commando Kiwi may take the title to Kickstarter to gather funding for a full enhanced version.

The additional team members will not need to be available full time, but enough to make a decent contribution to the project. Commando Kiwi are aware most Train2Gamer’s have other commitments. If the artists that join the team are successful, they could be asked to join the team permanently.

Adam Sherratt, Commando Kiwi, ‘The game is called Valour: Shadow of Grimdark, as the name implies the game Valour could in the future be made up of several chapters, which we have already have back story planned for.’

‘The game is 3D action adventure game with RPG elements and is massively updated version of a project we showed November last year at Apps World and Platform Expo. The player must explore and fight their way through the game world, gaining new weapons, equipment and skills as they go to realise their destiny and save the land from the impending war and destruction.’

‘We are aiming to have the first part completed and on the App Store by the end of the Quarter one of 2016. Of course this really depends on whether we are able to get the help we need on the Art front as the project is being held up by this at the moment. Code wise the game is essentially complete and just requires a little more polish / bug fixes’

‘If the Artists who work with us do well then we would certainly look to integrate them into the team for the foreseeable future. This first release is non-commercial and is designed to be an outstanding portfolio piece for all of us that we can also use to get feedback from the community. If it is well received we plan to go on and seek crowd funding to extend and enhance the game and produce a paid version for the App Store.’

‘I personally have completed all of the T2G Developer course material and just have coursework projects to complete. The knowledge gained from the course has been a huge help getting me this far and all my original contacts were from taking part in the T2G game jams and events. However my current priority is to get the first release of this game completed. We are still doing all our work in our spare time in addition to our main jobs so we don’t require people to be able to put in silly hours just a reasonable contribution.’

Main studio members currently working on the project are:

Adam Sherratt (Originally T2G Developer Course)
Andrew Smallwood (Originally T2G Design Course)
Danny Welch (Originally T2G Developer Course)
Erolle Del Rosario (Originally T2G Art Course)
Martyn Whittel (Originally T2G Design Course)
Malik Razik (Originally T2G Art Course)
Tom Constable (From University background – met at Epic Game Jam)

We are currently also trailing a couple of new Artists:
Liam Sell (From University background – met at Platform Expo)
David Vickery (Originally T2G Art Course)

Adam Sherratt, Commando Kiwi, ‘In additional to this we have an outside company called Undercurrent Audio doing some of the scores and sound effects for us.’

‘If anyone is interested can they please email me at along with their portfolio or a sample of any work they have done. Obviously once they have signed our NDA we can answer any questions and show them more of the project.’

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Train2Game News Derp Studios release Warhammer app


Train2Game students create licensed Tactical Objectives App for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 table-top game

Derp Studios to release officially licensed App to accompany latest version of popular sci-fi battle game

Independent Video Games and Apps developer, Derp Studios, has created a tactical objectives App to accompany the Warhammer 40,000 board game. The team which includes Train2Game students has been working with Games Workshop to create the App.

The App has been designed to assist in playing the latest version of the popular table top game, offering a digital version of tactical objectives cards which previously were only available on limited edition print runs. This is one of the first ever officially licensed Tactical Objectives Apps which supports the Warhammer 40,000 board game.

Derp Studios join prestigious companies already working with Games Workshop and Warhammer. Games publisher THQ are an official licensee of the popular brand. The company also creates a series of figures based on JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy in association with Warner Brothers.

Games Workshop was founded in 1975 in Nottingham is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The incredibly successful UK based company declared revenues of £119.1m in May 2015 for the previous fiscal year.

Train2Game spoke with Derp Studios CEO, Chris Ledger, about the App and working with this incredibly popular brand.

Derp Studios

Chris Ledger, CEO and Lead Designer of Derp Studios, “Derp Studios was formed late 2011 during Make Something Unreal Live 2012 hosted by Train2Game and Epic Games, where we developed a mobile title based on the Fighting Fantasy IP.  Since then we’ve done a couple of self-funded projects and most recently we have become Games Workshop Licensees!”

“The team is made up of core team members and contributors, some Train2Game and some not associated. Both Max Dymond and I are Train2Game students. Max is studying the Art and Animation course and I studied Game Design. I quite enjoyed my course.  It was documentation heavy and there was plenty to keep me going.  I haven’t technically finished the course as of yet since I’ve been running my own studio, however the course definitely helped show the ropes. Applying that knowledge to the real world has certainly got me places. Also, to those students that are torn between study and finding a job in the industry, its okay to put the course on hold, its flexible learning and you can always come back to it.”

Creation of the App

“The Warhammer 40,000:  Tactical Objectives App is one of the first hobby Apps to directly support the Warhammer 40,000 table-top board game.  The aim of the App is to enable players who don’t have a physical copy of either the regular or faction based Tactical Objectives cards to be able to own their factions deck, since the physical copies are on limited print runs. So the app is fairly niche as it appeals to Warhammer 40,000 table-top players, however that doesn’t mean the target audience is small in any way!”

“A few other companies have tried their hands at hobby apps with their own IP’s and there are a few third party apps as well like army list builders and dice rollers being the most common.  Some have worked out well, others not so well.  The WH40k: Tactical Objectives app is the equivalent to the game’s physical tactical objective cards in every way, only digitalised and the maths calculated for you when you score points, draw, discard and achieve objectives.”

“Originally players had to roll 2 D6 (or a D66, two 6 sided dice), to generate objectives from the rulebook each turn.  You had to re-roll any duplicate objectives though which could get frustrating and you then had to make a note of which ones you had.  The physical cards sped that process up and the app further speeds things up by calculating points and adhering to parameters, as well as meeting the demand of players wanting faction based tactical objectives, which as I mentioned before are on limited print cycles.”

“I got sick of rolling D66’s and I used my uber documentation skills and fortunate position in running my own game dev team to write up some high concepts and pitches, which I then sent off to the Games Workshop licensing team who loved the idea.”

“So for all you game designers/app designers out there.  Documentation is still important!  Don’t shrug it off as it can get you places!”

Games Workshop/Warhammer 40,000

“The relationship with Games Workshop began during the beginning of Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition which was released at the end of last year (2014).  The Maelstrom of War missions were the thing everyone was playing (and are still playing today).  I wanted to get myself some regular tactical objective cards but they sold out like hot cakes, especially since they were only a fiver.”

“Games Workshop are really good work alongside with.  They’ve been really supportive and have provided a lot of assets for us to use.  So far it’s been nothing but positive and a really enjoyable experience!”

“We get given digital assets for use in the app which have been originally made for print runs.  So when we get some huge art pieces, I usually sit there mesmerised by all the detail.”

“I have recently visited their HQ in Nottingham, which is also home to Warhammer World, a museum of over 200,000 miniatures, featuring some MASSIVE insanely detailed dioramas.  Also the fact Black Library, Games Workshop and Forgeworld and a massive gaming hall are all in the same room, I was truly the definition of a kid in a candy store.  My wallet is still burning.  On the plus side, my Tau Empire army has some awesome Forgeworld models in it now!”

What’s next

“For Derp Studios this app alone is a big milestone in the company!  I’m not sure what the future holds for more hobby apps within the Warhammer 40,000 IP, however if I’m unable to produce another hobby app then I’d happily make a small licensed video game for them.”

“The app is nearly finished; it’s just being polished up lots and constant testing of in app purchases and things like that. It’s released later this quarter.”

“I’d like to keep working alongside Games Workshop.  They really appreciate what we’re doing and we’re extremely grateful for being accepted as licensees. I have some ideas of what I would like to do but nothing solid at the moment.”

“I’m always writing down designs and ideas and to keep my skills sharp in Unreal Engine 4 I usually dabble with reconstructing a Dire Consequences remake, which I’m pretty pleased about.”


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Train2Game News Introducing Heresy Studios


Train2Game catch-up with Steven Herod CEO of student studio

This week Tain2Game spoke with Steven Herod in regards to his student studio Heresy Studios. Heresy is a student studio, made up a majority of Train2Game students. It’s working on multiple projects and operating an ‘all welcome’ policy when it comes to recruiting new team members.

The team are great advocates of ‘learning through doing’ and have recruited many team members through the offer of creating portfolio content. Train2Game spoke to Steven about what the team are currently working on, recruitment and what Heresy has planned in the future.

Steven Herod, CEO, Heresy Games: “I’m classed as the team leader/boss but within the group I have four team leaders, Chris is Team Leader on the frosty Pigeon project, Jason is running the House project, Myself and Valo are running Ming In Space Project, Mauro and Heather are running Desert Raiders (Newest addition to the list).”

“We came together, well let me start from the beginning, I started the course and made that first game on construct 2, Asteroid dodger game, And I thought about how to expand it and make is an actual decent game, Me and My bestfriend (Cara, She quit XD), started to the make the group.”

“As I was getting really eager to make something happen and Cara basically put it all off I started asking around the forum for some people to work with me, that’s where I got Heather to join. She spent most her weekends working on the logo, different panda images etc. She became a very valuable member.”

“At the same time I was talking to an artist called slinkydink (Not her real name) and she was supposed to help with the company logo (heather’s logo was for the actual game), Slinky kept putting it off and it never got done BUT she set up a TeamSpeak channel and started inviting people from the course.”

“This is where we got one of our artists: Vampii (Not her real name, She’s really called Nair) So Nair has been doing some concept art ideas, different animal images etc. and she introduced me to Mauro (Her son’s godmother’s son or something like that) and he immediately started on some artwork too.”

“This is when I decided Ming In Space is going to be huge and 3D XD, So this prompted me to recruit like crazy,  Whilst all of this was happening I was a part of a Train2Game developers group on Skype which was set up by one of the students, (Think its Richard S) and I’ve grabbed a couple of developers from there, One of whom is Valo (He’s done some unity terrains and is really taking to this teamwork business ideas).”

“One night I stayed up until about 5am messaging a lot of people on Train2Game course that had posted about working on projects etc. And we’ve got ourselves a nice range of QA Level Designs and just Designers too, many of whom are on the About Us section of the website but since we’ve increased in numbers I need to update that. There are many members I could write about but then you’d just be here for ages XD”

“I feel we all work extremely well together, most of us have the course in common (This is my recruitment selling point, I can say that because we’ll from the course we can all help when it comes to coursework except from the projects later on because I don’t think we can help but none of us are at this stage yet.)

“We’re always accepting new members to be honest, although it might sound stupid to accept endless amount of members its actually quite smart. Some people won’t be here for the actual studios set up, some members just want some portfolio work, some people just want to be a part of something. By accepting every member possibly it allows me to manage several different projects and elect team leaders for each project, and when we release these projects, we will see who’s done what, who we want for the founding party of the company and who is not pulling their weight (If we find anyone not really pulling their weight we will address this formally, maybe see if they want to work on another project and find out what exactly they want, If they don’t want to be a part of it then we’ll suggest they stay as a background member until they time or something like that).”

“Not all of our members are Train2Game. An old best friend/neighbour is mad on gaming so immediately I’ve got him involved and some of his arty friends involved so I’m teaching them about Unity, (Can’t teach them construct2 very well without them having the licence to release stuff but I’ll buy them that in the future.)”

“But in terms of living in different locations, The campus forum, Facebook, Skype and TeamSpeak solve that right away, also drop box is key here too, Naturally it can be difficult explaining things without being able to sit next to someone as say look at that there BUT Skype has screenshare :P”

“In my opinion, The Train2Game course has been fantastic so far, (Little hiccup with TIGA but if they don’t want to accredit us then fine, I’ll be successful without them :P.) But in terms of the actual course, the work I’m really enjoying it, I’m super looking forward to my projects at the end, The TMA’s could maybe be a bit harder than multiple choice questions but on the other hand they are just checkpoints really so I’ll see what the projects are like,, ABSOLUTELY love the Unity book, It’s got everything in it!!”

“Long term goals, Be Bigger than Microsoft, XD, Or own Microsoft,, Whichever comes first, but no, seriously I’m going to open and run a studios in Manchester and Mauro is going to run the studios in London. We’re going to be the best game developers ever and we will owe each other for our success. Like I said though, some people aren’t here for the long run, I know some people just want some money and portfolio work which when they get this and leave we’ll keep their info for when we’re a huge success and they want to come back, and we’ll either welcome them back with open arms or assign them to the mail room (Depends how they left).”

“By making actual games instead of brainstorming and saying that’s cool has really given such a better understanding of how to make the games, what is needed, and how to improve. An example is for a Construct 2 mess around project I made a level select screen, it didn’t really thrill me but then because I had learnt it in Train2Game I used an array to set it up and BAM much better, So using that example project I’ve shown some people and they’ve adapted their ways and Chris even said that without actually making the level select screen he had no idea how it really worked (If you understand?)”

“We want to release at least 1 game by Christmas (It’s doable) but if not then March is the ultimate final deadline. Ambitions for the games; Ming in Space is going to be a best seller, the mobile games will do extremely well and help us fund the studios, Project 64 is going to be the killer.”

“The kickstarter project: That’s For Ming In Space as you probably know, it was an idea to attempt to get some funding for that game but also to test out what we need for funding, like I don’t think we’ll get a backer on there this time around because we’re so new to it, but by doing it with a semi ready project we get the understanding of what we need for the next crowd funding. Fingers crossed we get a backer for it BUT who knows??”

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Train2Game News Derp Studios developing for Games Workshop


Train2Game student studio Derp Studios has teamed up with Games Workshop to create a companion app for the popular tabletop game, Warhammer 40k.

Derp Studios Ltd is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with THE revolutionary fantasy and sci-fi tabletop wargaming pioneers, Games Workshop, to develop and launch the Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App for Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile devices.

The Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App app is a must have for all fans of ‘Warhammer 40,000’ (7th Edition) and is based upon the tactical objective cards used in the ‘Maelstrom of War Missions’. The app will feature all 36 tactical objective cards, as well as providing support for each of the 6 Maelstrom of War Missions. In addition, users will be offered in-app purchases allowing players to add the faction deck of their choice.

As an added bonus, the new ‘Cities of Death’ tactical objectives and missions that were revealed in issues 47 and 48 of the Warhammer magazine, White Dwarf, will also be included in the App Store price!

The Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App will be available for purchase via Apple, Android and Windows 8 mobile app stores in Q3 2015, with an initial SRP of GBP £4.99/EUR €5.99/USD $6.99/CAD $6.99. Additional In-app purchases for faction specific tactical objectives will have an SRP of GBP £2.49/EUR €3.59/ USD $3.99/CAD $3.99 each.

“We are truly thrilled to be an officially licensed Games Workshop developer. We’re a small team with a real passion for Warhammer 40,000. We designed the app so all players can have the chance to own a tactical objectives deck for their faction, without the worry and frustration of them selling out, due to high demand” commented Chris Ledger, CEO and Lead Designer, Derp Studios Ltd.

“We are very excited to have developed the first official Warhammer 40,000 hobby support app!”

To request more information on the Warhammer 40,000 – Tactical Objectives App , please contact Chris Ledger at Derp Studios Ltd ( )


Train2Game News BearGames recruiting


Interested in working with a start-up studio? Train2Game student studio BearGames on the lookout for additional team members

BearGames is looking for team members to join them in creating some really cool and exciting games. For junior developers working in a student studio is a great way to broaden your games industry network, have some fun and create content for a portfolio.

There are three team members in BearGames, the team are looking to expand to produce more work and complete their games. The team are currently working on a strategy spaceship game and have some huge plans for the future. In Particular BearGames is looking for team members with skills in: Development, Artistry/Animation and Music.
We spoke with team leader, Daniel Bartlett, 18, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, to find out more about his journey in games, experiences so far on Train2Game, the studio and the games they are working on.

“I realised I wanted to study game design when I would be sat in class or in my room thinking of ideas for games. And when I played games I would always be thinking ‘how could this game be better?’”

“Then one day searching through the internet to see how easy it was to become a games designer, I came across the Train2Game website. I liked what I saw so applied. A month later I had a phone call saying someone will be round to make sure this is what and then I started.”

“Studying Games Design at Train2Game is great because I study when I want and at my own pace. But when I get to a point I get stuck on, other students help me more than the tutor team does!”

“My team is called BearGames. We are currently made up of three people: me as the Games Designer, Finance, Marketing and Leader. Macaulay Tennant as the developer who I met on the 2014 fun day on Minecraft, Fabio Rodrigues as artist and animator who I recruited from the Train2Game FB page.”

“Both of them are great people and we are all great friends that can have a laugh and play games together. We are currently looking for another Developer and Artist/Animator to help on the work load and most importantly we need someone who is good at sounds and music.”

“We are currently working on a command your own spaceship fleet to defeat the aliens. It will include a campaign and various multiplayer modes so you can work in a team or on your own to complete different objectives. We don’t have a name for it yet but we do have most of the art work completed.”

“It is a combat strategy game, players will use a different strategy for each level that you will decide from either a pre-set group or one that the you created yourself. While shooting at the aliens who’s strategy will be constantly changing throughout each level.”

“For the success of our game we want to build a fan base that can help us fundraise for our next bigger game. We want to work with another studio to include voice activation in our games to make them more fun and interactive for the player.”

“We already have our next game planned and will be a much bigger project. Our long team goal is to become a well-known game studio that creates games we want and to make, games the community wants by using the ideas they have and putting some ideas together, then making games for You Tubers and other famous people in the games world.”

“My personal dream is to become the leader of a big games studio based in the UK that creates games for the community and to give a percentage of our profits to charity.”

If you’re interested in working with BearGames you can email with a copy of your cv.

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Train2Game News Cooking up a career in Games Development


After a change in his family’s circumstances, professional chef Ben Randall quit working in a Michelin Star kitchen to study Games Development with Train2Game and to have more time with his family

When life changed for Train2Game student Ben Randall, 27, from Peterborough, he left his job in the kitchen to spend more time with his family and study Games Development. He now balances his time studying QA, working with student studio Devils Inc. and looking after his children and temporarily disabled wife.
Getting into studying Games

“I took to work as a chef straight out of school and worked my way up on the kitchen ladder to being sous chef in a number of restaurants with high standards (even a Michelin star).”

“I then started a family and the working hours got longer and it was hard to be with my family. Then unfortunately my wife fell ill and is now temporarily disabled. My wife and kids need my care at home so I had to leave work, but I’m not the type to sit around doing nothing.”

“That’s when a friend of mine said he was on a fantastic art and animation course for video game development and I jumped on that bandwagon faster than Mario on Koopa’s, but my six year old daughter has better art work than I do, so I spoke to the Train2Game rep that came out and he recommended QA.”
Studying with Train2Game

“I have been studying with Train2Game for around eight-nine months now. It’s been great so far. The course has a good learning curve to it so I find that it’s getting harder but you have already learnt all you need to cope with that change.”
“I am pleased with the course, mainly that for a QA tester to train at college they would need to study IT and software based courses and then move over to the gaming industry, whereas T2G specialize the course to the right area.”

“The positives of the Train2Game courses are they are specialized and that you can do them in your own speed, but at the same time you are not alone. I would recommend the course to others. I feel that T2G push students towards making a strong portfolio of work to present to employers later down the line.”

Working with Train2Game student studio Devils Inc.

“I have seen first-hand just how important teamwork is in the development of games and adding more work to a portfolio is great, but a QA tester is nowhere without something to test so I am happy to branch out and work with anyone at any level of their course experience.”

“It’s great working with Devils Inc. Casual, but great. Because of the nature of each member of the team working from home and using Skype to keep in touch the team trusts that each member is hard at work at their own pace.”
“I’m proud to say I am Head of QA in Devils Inc…. ok, Lead tester…… Ok, I’m all of QA (only one) for now as the project is in pre alpha stages at the moment. I have put a test plan in place and set a host server for a bug database and test anything the programmer throws my way. At the Beta stages if the testing process seems too large for one I will recruit testers to follow the test plan and delegate testing to them.”
“It’s a great opportunity to see exactly how each role in the team comes together in a project. I don’t think any amount of text book reading can demonstrate this better than real world experience in a development team.”
What’s next?

“We are now working on a new take on classic arcade game style space shooter in 2D.

The game will feature waves of enemies in a space setting that the player has to defeat with a small team of 3 AI planes to help. The game will switch when a boss is encountered to a 3D FPS fight (Lylat wars style) The game will then work on multiplayer features so that 4 players join forces or fight each other because.. who doesn’t love Co-op play?”
“In the long term future my dream is to work up within QA of a development studio (big or small) and be part of making triple A games you would be proud of.”

Train2Game News Devils inc studios releases Snowmageddon


Train2Game Student Studio, Devils inc studios, released a game just before Christmas that relates to how we all feel from time to time around winter.

Snowmageddon has all the fun of a first person shooter with tower defence features to add to your enjoyment. The game sees you defending the mystical Star of Dreams, a magical star that while in play keeps your dream world alive, if it falls you are returned to the humdrum of reality. With your towers and an  exciting, inventive array of weapons, including snow balls and exploding presents, you must protect your fantasy world.

The story begins when you make a wish one snowy night feeling the pressures of an adult life’s day to day struggles and so you wish for a simpler time like when you were a child, inadvertently your wish is made as a shooting star passes overhead. When you wake you are in a village being attacked by a horde of rampaging snowmen and you must protect your land of dreams. You rally up the other citizens of your dream world and prepare to fight back to save your town!

The game has been created in Unity by the talents of Devils inc Studios which consists of Train2Game students and a few others who have been recruited to the team.

Mark Plant, Co founder and Lead Designer, said “It’s been a huge learning curve for us in terms of what you can or can’t achieve early on, only when we scaled back to a small seven day project did we really find our feet, this was awesome for use as we found traction, and in doing so we turned out a great game.

Train2Game really taught me respect for developers and games all round, you moan and complain about so much in games that when you begin to look beneath and actually create them you release even something that appears to be a simple change truly can be a workload all by itself, one small task can quickly spiral into a dozen more. I’m thankful for that respect it was a good lesson to learn.

Of course without Train2Game, Devils Inc Studios, wouldn’t have been formed” on the development of the game and there studio.

The studio are about to release an update that will improve balancing and gameplay. The 1.2 patch adds the last few things that couldn’t be added in the initial stages. The studio are also hoping to implement a story mode in the near future

If you would like to play this enjoyable game for free, with no pay to win aspects, you can do so at

You can visit the studios website  and learn more of this up and coming Student Studio at

Train2Game News Student film maker creating student team


London based Train2Game student who directed one minute version of Bladerunner is now creating a student team.

Copy Editor, Film Director and Train2Game student; Richard Cosgrove is searching for students to socialise, start a development group and work on portfolio projects.

Experienced storyteller and games enthusiast Richard Cosgrove is reaching out to London based and online Train2Gamers to work on exciting projects and portfolio pieces.  Richard has experience in writing, having worked as a Copy Editor. He is also an experienced story teller, having created his own film and theatre projects. Some of these exciting narrative ideas must have come from his interesting childhood; in the cadets, training in jujitsu and also being an active member of the dramatics society.

New to Train2Game, Richard spent  15 years in magazine production. Richard wants a fresh start in a creative career. He has always played videogames – gradually having less time to do so, and getting pickier with every year. He’s decided game design seems a good way to mix his professional skills, with his creative skills. Richard has a Degree in media production from the University of Luton and has completed numerous training courses related to filmmaking and magazine production.

Interestingly Richard remade the film Bladerunner for a short-film competition, where the entire film is edited to one minute long. If you’d like to take a look, there’s a links to the one-minute version for the competition

Richard Cosgrove, Train2Game Student, said of creating a team and working in games development: “Games design offers a great scope to be creative, tell long-running immersive stories – something I’d enjoy very much – without being limited in scope by the practicalities of reality. Game design is a growth industry worldwide, which seems to have plenty of opportunity for employment across the world. I would prefer to stick to the development and design of games, rather than run my own company. If I did own my own company, I’d need someone doing the business side..”

If you are interested in getting in touch with Richard, please contact the T2G blog or message Mark on the Train2Game forum.