Train2Game News Student film maker creating student team


London based Train2Game student who directed one minute version of Bladerunner is now creating a student team.

Copy Editor, Film Director and Train2Game student; Richard Cosgrove is searching for students to socialise, start a development group and work on portfolio projects.

Experienced storyteller and games enthusiast Richard Cosgrove is reaching out to London based and online Train2Gamers to work on exciting projects and portfolio pieces.  Richard has experience in writing, having worked as a Copy Editor. He is also an experienced story teller, having created his own film and theatre projects. Some of these exciting narrative ideas must have come from his interesting childhood; in the cadets, training in jujitsu and also being an active member of the dramatics society.

New to Train2Game, Richard spent  15 years in magazine production. Richard wants a fresh start in a creative career. He has always played videogames – gradually having less time to do so, and getting pickier with every year. He’s decided game design seems a good way to mix his professional skills, with his creative skills. Richard has a Degree in media production from the University of Luton and has completed numerous training courses related to filmmaking and magazine production.

Interestingly Richard remade the film Bladerunner for a short-film competition, where the entire film is edited to one minute long. If you’d like to take a look, there’s a links to the one-minute version for the competition

Richard Cosgrove, Train2Game Student, said of creating a team and working in games development: “Games design offers a great scope to be creative, tell long-running immersive stories – something I’d enjoy very much – without being limited in scope by the practicalities of reality. Game design is a growth industry worldwide, which seems to have plenty of opportunity for employment across the world. I would prefer to stick to the development and design of games, rather than run my own company. If I did own my own company, I’d need someone doing the business side..”

If you are interested in getting in touch with Richard, please contact the T2G blog or message Mark on the Train2Game forum.