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Professional Studio wants Train2Game Artists to help complete project.

Studio seeking artists to work on Valour: Shadow of Grimdark
Commando Kiwi is reaching out to the Train2Game student community to help complete its new title set to be released 2016.

The team are close to completing the project and need help to create 3D assets. They are looking for a couple of artists to come on board for the final stages of the build. The Artists chosen will receive a credit on a shipped title, which will be a huge endorsement as they embark on their professional games development careers.

Commando Kiwi is an independent studio and the majority of the members are current or former Train2Game students. They are hugely popular in the Train2Game community and won the Make Something Unreal Live Competition in association with Epic Games a few years ago. The team is relatively large for an Indie studio, with ten team members plus outsourced audio support.

The team want to create a game that all team members can use in their portfolios, showing off their work with a project that out shines the average indie title. The first release will be used to get feedback from community and if it’s a success Commando Kiwi may take the title to Kickstarter to gather funding for a full enhanced version.

The additional team members will not need to be available full time, but enough to make a decent contribution to the project. Commando Kiwi are aware most Train2Gamer’s have other commitments. If the artists that join the team are successful, they could be asked to join the team permanently.

Adam Sherratt, Commando Kiwi, ‘The game is called Valour: Shadow of Grimdark, as the name implies the game Valour could in the future be made up of several chapters, which we have already have back story planned for.’

‘The game is 3D action adventure game with RPG elements and is massively updated version of a project we showed November last year at Apps World and Platform Expo. The player must explore and fight their way through the game world, gaining new weapons, equipment and skills as they go to realise their destiny and save the land from the impending war and destruction.’

‘We are aiming to have the first part completed and on the App Store by the end of the Quarter one of 2016. Of course this really depends on whether we are able to get the help we need on the Art front as the project is being held up by this at the moment. Code wise the game is essentially complete and just requires a little more polish / bug fixes’

‘If the Artists who work with us do well then we would certainly look to integrate them into the team for the foreseeable future. This first release is non-commercial and is designed to be an outstanding portfolio piece for all of us that we can also use to get feedback from the community. If it is well received we plan to go on and seek crowd funding to extend and enhance the game and produce a paid version for the App Store.’

‘I personally have completed all of the T2G Developer course material and just have coursework projects to complete. The knowledge gained from the course has been a huge help getting me this far and all my original contacts were from taking part in the T2G game jams and events. However my current priority is to get the first release of this game completed. We are still doing all our work in our spare time in addition to our main jobs so we don’t require people to be able to put in silly hours just a reasonable contribution.’

Main studio members currently working on the project are:

Adam Sherratt (Originally T2G Developer Course)
Andrew Smallwood (Originally T2G Design Course)
Danny Welch (Originally T2G Developer Course)
Erolle Del Rosario (Originally T2G Art Course)
Martyn Whittel (Originally T2G Design Course)
Malik Razik (Originally T2G Art Course)
Tom Constable (From University background – met at Epic Game Jam)

We are currently also trailing a couple of new Artists:
Liam Sell (From University background – met at Platform Expo)
David Vickery (Originally T2G Art Course)

Adam Sherratt, Commando Kiwi, ‘In additional to this we have an outside company called Undercurrent Audio doing some of the scores and sound effects for us.’

‘If anyone is interested can they please email me at along with their portfolio or a sample of any work they have done. Obviously once they have signed our NDA we can answer any questions and show them more of the project.’

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