Train2Game News BadLand Games in the UK


The BadLand family is growing. We are thrilled to announce the opening of its first international office in one of the most active video game industries in Europe, The United Kingdom.

BadLand Games UK Ltd is the UK based operation of Spanish Publisher & Distributor BadLand Games SL. The UK team is tasked with establishing three business units: BadLand Indie, BadLand Tech and BadLand Games, all of which sit under the umbrella brand of BadLand Games UK.

Each business unit has its own objectives in 2015 – these being:

·         BadLand Indie: To offer indie development teams that are both UK and Internationally based access to resources and expertise that can help with every aspect of the development, publishing and global distribution of their gaming projects.
·         BadLand Tech: To establish the BadLand Tech brand and sell into the UK market the exciting range of cutting edge technology products.
·         BadLand Games: To act as a point of contact for BadLand Games UK based distribution partners and to also offer UK (and globally – if required) distribution for digital & boxed video game content.

“BadLand Games UK represents a new challenge, another one, for a small, new business like ours, and supports not only Spanish studios and talent, but also the general indie market.” – Luis Quintans, CEO

In the experienced hands of Ben Stevens, BadLand Games UK represents an important breakthrough for the company.

‘I am delighted to be joining the BadLand Games team, the opening of the UK office is an important milestone for the company and I am now looking forward to building the BadLand Games UK business’. – Ben Stevens, Country Manager

In 2015 the three BadLand Games UK business units will begin the process of building the BadLand Gaming & Technology brands and laying foundations for the ongoing growth of the UK and parent business.