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Leasing online and mobile games with real time management tools is the future of games distribution

Gamatier is a brand new product that lets online and mobile games Publishers and Developers lease games, alongside options to buy. Listing hundreds of different titles, Gamatier will offer bespoke usage options to suit both parties, with Publishers able to decide how they want to access to a game and Developers able to retain ownership.

Publishers and Developers can now lease and manage games for use on Android through the platform, with iOS, Windows and online, arriving soon. The platform and embedded SDK are completely changing the traditional model of selling games, empowering both Publishers and Developers with real time management, advertising, analytics and distribution tools.

The website and SDK have been created by a UK Development team who studied with Games Development course provider Train2Game. Their aim is to create a more effective way of distributing and managing online games. The applications of Gamatier are huge for the games industry. The platform has now launched, the team are planning rapid expansion and currently seeking investment to take the platform to the next level.

John Esslemont, Founder, Gamatier “I have been selling games for a long time and that’s how I came up with Gamatier. I was getting frustrated because once I’d developed a game and given it to a Publisher, it was gone and no longer owned my creation. There was no platform for management; it was bad news for a Developer, often not getting a share of a product’s success.”

“That’s when I created Gamatier; I wanted to give Developers the power to keep making money from their games after they were released. I came up with the concept of leasing games through an online platform. Why sell your game when leasing will let you retain ownership of the IP and you can continue to control your product?”

“Using Gamatier there are huge benefits for Publishers too, they have a store filled with games that they can choose from and many options of how they want to buy or lease games. Leasing allows for reduced initial outlay and management of further investment in a game. The options available to Publishers allow the most effective way to gain revenue based on analytics and implement changes using the platform in real time, such as: exclusive leasing, advertising and other monetisation options.”

“The unique SDK we’ve developed provides extensive, innovative and intuitive options and services, which integrate into our hosting platform. Developers retain ownership of their title and how it is used. Publishers who buy or lease games achieve control over the games ads, analytics, branding, in house ads and lots more via our real-time dashboard.”

“One thing that has been essential to getting Gamatier off the ground is Train2Game; we would not be making our dreams come true if not for its guidance. We think the Gamatier method of leasing games is more efficient, manageable and cost effective. We predict our product will dramatically change how Publishers and Developers buy and sell games.”
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