Train2Game News Metal Hammer Roadkill


TeamRock, the world’s number one rock and metal games company, today released Metal Hammer: Roadkill, the world’s most metal game.

Featuring a soundtrack of artists from Nuclear Blast, the world’s largest independent metal label, Metal Hammer: Roadkill brings metal to the masses in a brand new rhythm/action game, where the goal is simple – defeat the hordes of hell, save the world, let them eat metal.

The game features tracks from bands including Sabaton, Epica, Suicide Silence, Exodus, Threshold, Vader and more… Metal Hammer: Roadkill gives metal fans a whole new way to play the music they love.

The game is free to download and play – plus thanks to an agreement with Nuclear Blast, will bring players more bands, more levels, more cities and more metal to the world of gaming on a regular basis.

Forged by award-winning UK studio Guerilla Tea and and approved of by the Gods of Metal themselves, Metal Hammer: Roadkill is the first release from TeamRock Games. Offering simple, accessible gameplay, combined with some of the hardest metal acts in the world, Roadkill will hit the mobile charts like a very large metal hammer.

“The goal is simple,” says Billy Anderson, founder and CEO of Team Rock, “We want to be the global home of rock and metal. We already know the crossover between gaming, rock and metal is huge. We want to give every player, every listener, every fan the chance to experience the music they love in new ways. We have major plans for gaming and Roadkill shows exactly what we hope to achieve. We’ll be working with bands, labels and music to bring them into gaming and build something new and credible and innovative.”

Metal Hammer: Roadkill is OUT NOW for iOS and Android. The game is free to download and play.