Train2Game News Open Gaming Alliance battling cheating


The Open Gaming Alliance (OGA), a non-profit association focused on the games industry business, today announced Nexosis, the start-up providing a machine learning solution to detect and combat cheating in games, as the latest company to become a Corporate Member.

Nexosis joins other industry leaders such as Intel, Dell/Alienware, Logitech, Razer, Unity, Webroot, Lenovo and the recently announced Ubisoft in supporting the OGA’s efforts to provide leadership and opportunities; and encourage growth and diversity within the games business ecosystem.

Utilizing state-of-the art machine learning to combat cheating is less invasive, achieves higher detection rates and requires lower administrative costs than traditional signature-based anti-cheat systems. Nexosis enables software developers to easily leverage such machine learning solutions for new or existing applications.

“Games today are big business representing big dollars, which attracts more innovative ways to try to game the system,” said Ryan Sevey, CEO and co-founder of Nexosis. “Joining the OGA enables us to work with the best game publishers and studios to combat this threat while providing developers with improved anti-cheating solutions.”   

As the leading organization focused on the business of the games industry, The Open Gaming Alliance provides an array of resources to its members, ranging from research and best-practice guidance; to marketing support and networking with some of the industry’s premier middleware and hardware providers, and publishers. Founded in 2008, the organization has evolved to cover multiple platforms and operating systems; maintaining its primary goals of strengthening and promoting the community around all game platforms while providing a unified voice.

“In this era of virtual goods and micro-transactions, in-game marketplaces and esports, it becomes increasingly challenging to anticipate and detect intrusion,” said Drew Johnston, OGA president. “Nexosis is forward-thinking in its approach to security, and offers our members great insight into the latest big data and machine learning solutions that can potential cut costs and increase player satisfaction.”