Train2Game News BioGaming aids home physiotherapy


BioGaming, the leading developer of virtual reality physiotherapy solutions, has taken computer aided patient recovery to the next level.

For the first time, exercise routines can be created by licensed physiotherapists for patient use at home, using ‘motion capture technology’ to ensure correct rehabilitation, and low cost hardware and mobile apps automatically to connect the physiotherapist with the progress of the patient.

Biogaming allows physiotherapists to create digital personalized exercise plans, which it then automatically converts into games tailored specifically for patients, who are given hardware and instructions to connect with the platform in the cloud. A patented motion detection algorithm powers a Microsoft Kinect 3D motion capture camera which can be connected to Microsoft Windows computers or paired with a provided Xbox One for use with a television. Rich reporting capabilities enable progress automatically digitally.

Says Dudi Klein, founder and CEO of BioGaming;

“We are turning therapy into a game to be won. Patients who use BioGaming tap into something extra within themselves to do better in the virtual world, while getting better in the real world, a win win for patient, provider and payer. We are taking proven physiotherapy routines, real-time biofeedback and personal encouragement of sessions in the hospital or clinic and bringing them home. We are closing the gaps in the current physiotherapy process to boost adherence, transform the therapy cost equation for providers, and empower Physiotherapists to deliver better patient outcomes.”

The innovation is designed to tackle the problem of low compliance with traditional physiotherapy approaches where boring routines often demotivate patients. It also helps to include physiotherapists in the fast moving world of digital and mobile innovation in healthcare.

In a world where telemedicine enables more cost-effective, convenient and connected healthcare, BioGaming is the equivalent for the rehabbing of orthopedic injuries.