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Reallusion levels up game development with the launch of iClone Game Character Design Platform, the first Lip-Sync Ready 3D Character solution in the market.

This platform takes the 3D character creation process into another generation where the long and arduous 3D character design is no longer necessary.

Designing a high-quality, playable character is a long and difficult process which involves massive amount efforts from multiple professional talents that spent weeks toiling away in front of 3ds Max or Maya. Furthermore, with the market trending towards a more intricate story-driven game design, developers are investing a greater amount of time on optimizing details that deepen immersions such as facial expressions, audio lip-syncing for cut-scenes, NPC interactions and other game-design logic.

This is where iClone Character Creator Platform comes in. The latest Reallusion offering provides developers with access to 3D characters with highly morphable topology, clothing dress-up system that conforms to all body shapes, and facial and body rig that are ready for animation. Developers no longer need to design 3D characters from scratch and worry about any technical details, but can instead concentrate their focus on refining the character’s contour and clothing to generate truly unique characters with shared facial control and motions.

Demo Video:

iClone Game Character Design Platform is Created  for Game Developers

“This is a game changer for developers everywhere using Unity3D, Unreal Engine and Stingray for their game design,” said John Martin, VP Product, Reallusion. “We have worked closely with the game community to create this product platform. Our goal throughout has been to empower developers with a powerful quick-start solution. We understand that with aggressive deadlines to meet, speed and customizability are crucial. That is why all characters created from this platform are pre-rigged and comes with hundreds of motions ready for use. Best of all, these characters are capable of vivid facial expressions and can perform natural lip-sync automatically without painstakingly keying each frame. There is no other solution in the market that can do this.”

“We created and animated every character in our game with iClone,” said Guilherme Ressel, RGBird Games, developer of Mute, the game. “iClone generated 3D characters we customized to the western-themed style and then animated and imported everything to Unity. Between its ease-of-use and its compatibility with Unity3D,  iClone has become a permanent part of our toolbox.”

The Complete 3D Characters Creation Workflow

1.       Design Your Character
Create variety of characters using 3D morphs, texture designs, and clothing options.

2.       Animate in Real-time
Create animation with live motion capture using Kinect for Xbox One.

3.       Add & Edit Motion
Use iClone with HumanIK to refine motion, add lip-sync & facial animation.

4.       Export to Game Engine
Convert your character and animation to any game engine and 3D tools using 3DXchange

Reallusion Offers Free 3D character for Unity 3D

Experience the power of iClone Character Creator with free 3D character downloads for Unity 3D platform. Get 3 fully rigged, lip-sync ready characters in various styles that showcase a wide array of character designs. Visit the iClone website to download. Website:

Game developers can learn the workflow directly from Reallusion’s website with free video training on how to create animate and export 3D characters for games.