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GameFounders has over 150 game executives in its global mentor network from Blizzard to Valve, Ketchapp to Rovio, Unity to Google.

Ten lucky teams get to spend 3 months learning from these industry giants and tapping into their vast networks while living in the gorgeous city of Kuala Lumpur. Which young game studio would not want that?

Since 2012, GameFounders has made 46 investments into young game studios from 22 different countries. There are no rules as to the games the teams make- so far they have targeted mobile, PC and VR platforms, made F2P, premium and ad-based games as well as targeted all regions of the world. The main criteria of the evaluation to get into GameFounders are the team composition, the vision and the quality the team can produce.

The success stories of GameFounders portfolio teams so far include: Bad Seed Entertainment from Italy that went on to raise investment from Mind the Bridge and United Ventures; IMGNATION Studio from Brazil that went on to raise investment and get accepted to the US based VR accelerator Boost VC; Tiny Lab Productions from Lithuania that was awarded Google Top Developer for the quality of games they produce; Interactive Fate from Estonia that raised investment from a crowd investment platform; Bitcake Studio from Brazil that went on to launch their game Holodrive and grew their players from 10k to a million.

All game studios around the world can apply through until June 10, 2016. If selected to the program, the studio will have access to over 150 gaming mentors, partners and intros. Besides that, GameFounders is providing the start-ups with seed capital of up to 15k euros in exchange for a moderate share of equity. Teams are expected to have beta version, prototype or slice of their game, but also to be ready to set up a business. The upcoming 3-month cycle, already sixth for GameFounders, takes off in August 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The applications will be evaluated by the very same mentors, that will be working with the teams. “We have now seen over 1000 applications from around 80 countries in our 4 years of operations, so we can already see from the applications who is taking their business seriously and who wants to try their luck,” noted Kadri Ugand, co-founder of the accelerator. “Fortunately for us we see a huge number of teams that have thought beyond needing money to finish the game and have a plan to grow into a real business.”

GameFounders, created in early 2012, is a global start-up accelerator that is purely focused on gaming. The accelerator offers young game companies high-level mentors, partnership deals and a global contact network with a sprinkle of start-up capital.

GameFounders Asia was launched in 2015 in alliance with MDeC, a Malaysian government agency, which drives the National ICT Initiative; MSC Malaysia and the National Digital Economy Initiative; Digital Malaysia. MSC Malaysia is the platform to nurture the growth of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the ICT industry while attracting participation from global ICT companies to invest and develop cutting-edge digital and creative solutions in Malaysia.