Train2Game News Hideo Kojima Honored At NYGAC

The New York Videogame Critics Circle will honor world-renowned game creator Hideo Kojima, with its Andrew Yoon Legend Award in advance of the 10th Annual New York Game Awards ceremony later this month.

Hideo Kojima is awarded with the Legend Award tomorrow via Twitch and YouTube starting at 8pm ET. The Legend Award recognizes individuals and organizations that exhibit a significant, sustained body of work that shows exceptional achievement and innovation.

Past recipients of the Legend award include Reggie Fils-Aimé, Jade Raymond, Richard Garriott, Todd Howard, Rockstar Games, Ralph Baer and earlier this month, Jerry Lawson, Brenda Romero and John Romero.

“There’s no one like Hideo Kojima; he’s proved that he’s a legend among legends,” said Reggie Fils-Aimé. “In the game industry that has always focused on franchises and marketing, Mr. Kojima has always been honest with us and himself. Yes, Mr. Kojima can market with the best of them, but he knows how to tell a unique, epic story as clearly and robustly as anyone, and he injects you with something brand new every time he releases a game.”

“I’m very thankful for the New York Game Awards Legend Award; it’s a great honor,” said Hideo Kojima. “The word “legend” does kind of suggest someone with one foot in the grave, but I’m not quite a legend yet, so I’ll try my very best to live up to the award.”

“In New York magazine, I wrote that Mr. Kojima’s “intent is for players to find connection and relief through the experience” in DEATH STRANDING; but beyond human connection, his strong writing and thoughtful directing prove he’s a true artist,” said Harold Goldberg, founder and president of the New York Videogame Critics Circle.

Kojima is a writer, director and producer of some of the most celebrated video games; from Metal Gear Solid to DEATH STRANDING, Hideo Kojima’s creations are critically acclaimed for their cinematic presentation, creativity and innovation. With this, he’s regarded as one of the most influential game designers in the world.

Streaming of the Andrew Yoon Legend Award recipients lead up to the New York Game Awards 10th anniversary show on January 26; the previously ticketed and in-person-only event streams free for all to attend via Twitch and YouTube, with pre-show at 7:30pm ET and Awards starting at 8pm ET via Twitch and YouTube.

The annual New York Game Awards, presented by the New York Videogame Critics Circle, goes global with a virtual-only event, allowing for a group of presenters and performers that’s incomparable, including former Legend Award winners, performances by new and returning musical guests and a collection of industry greats.

The Awards celebrate the NYVGCC’s non-profit work in underserved communities, as well as the best games and game developers in the industry.

NYVGCC members are a culturally diverse and passionate group of videogame journalists from media outlets including Tom’s Guide, CNET, Time and The Washington Post; view a full list of members here.

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