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Tandem Events, organisers of Europe’s leading game developers conference Develop:Brighton, today announce Hideo Kojima, director of Kojima Productions, as keynote speaker for this year’s conference.
Hideo Kojima is a world-renowned game creator and auteur known for pushing the boundaries of the video game medium.  Widely considered the father of the stealth genre, he is also credited with innovative story-telling and cinematic presentation in video games at large.

Famed for the hit Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kojima will be joined onstage for an hour long fire side chat with industry legend, president of Cerny Games and long-time friend, Mark Cerny. The discussion will focus around Kojima’s inspirations, process and his thoughts on the future of the game.

As well as delivering this year’s keynote, Hideo Kojima will be awarded the 2016 Industry Legend Award at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards on the evening of Wednesday 13 July, the same award fellow keynoter, Mark Cerny received in 2014.

“We’re delighted and honoured to announce Hideo Kojima as our keynote speaker for Develop:Brighton 2016,” commented Andy Lane, managing director of Tandem Events. “Known the world over as someone who’s at the forefront of what’s possible within video games, he continually pushes the boundaries. Alongside his good friend, Mark Cerny, these gaming legends have an amazing history within the games industry and I’m looking forward to hearing more.”

Develop:Brighton takes place at the Hilton Brighton Metropole from Tuesday 12 July to Thursday 14 July. The keynote entitled Industry Legends Discuss the Future: A Conversation with Hideo Kojima, will take place on Wednesday 13 July at 10am.

Other sessions announced for Develop:Brighton 2016:

Don’t Forget the Eyeballs: Developing Compelling Games for eSports Audiences
Ian Sharpe, Azubu

Converting an Established Genre in VR: Pitfalls and Opportunities
Martin de Ronde, Vanguard

What Not to Do as a Startup
Ella Romanos, Strike Gamelabs

Lets Talk Narrative with Rhianna Pratchett
Rhianna Pratchett, Writer

Harnessing the Power of the Crowd to Get Your Game Noticed
Kate Russell, Journalist, Reporter and Author

From 2 to 13: Growing from Nothing and Working with the “Big Boys”
Aj Grand-Scrutton, Dlala Studios

Community-driven Game Development through innovative Marketing Analytics
Ammar Jawad, Radiant Worlds.

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Train2Game News: Hideo Kojima on why he can’t walk away from Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima keeps coming back to it because he isn’t convinced his true vision for the games can be achieved without his involvement.

Kojima has attempted to walk away from the stealth action series since each game after Metal Gear Solid 2, but keeps returning to work on them in order to ensure his ideals are followed.

“It’s very hard to come up with the concept of a game and hand it off to other people, as of course they can’t see what’s in my head.” Kojima told CVG when asked why he keeps coming back to Metal Gear.

“They may not be able to understand the concept completely or the messages that I want to convey and that’s where things went awry in the past as people couldn’t really understand what I wanted.”

I decided at that point that if I was going to make a game based around these ideals that I would do it myself, which is why I keep getting involved.” he added.

The full interview with Hideo Kojima is here, and should make interesting reading for Train2Game students. Metal Gear Rising: Revenge is scheduled to be released next year.

There’s more from Hideo Kojima here on the Train2Game Blog.

What are your thoughts on Kojima’s reluctance to walk away from Metal Gear Solid? When you have ideas in game development, do you find you’d rather work on them yourself than delegate your vision to others?

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Train2Game News: Hideo Kojima talks Zone of the Enders HD Collection in E3 2012 developer diary

Get behind the scenes of Zone of the Enders HD Collection in an E3 2012 developer diary from Konami.

The video sees director Hideo Kojima discussing the robot anime influences of Zone of the Enders, where the HD updates are most noticeable, and how the new opening animation was produced.

Watch it below here on The Train2Game Blog.

Zone of the Enders HD is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan later this year.

Get behind the scenes of many more games by watching other developer diaries here on The Train2Game Blog.

What are your thoughts on the Zone of the Enders HD developer diary? Were you a fan of the original?

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Train2Game news: FPS success means ‘there’s not really a strong demand for anything else’ says Hideo Kojima

Train2Game students will be well aware that some of the most iconic characters in gaming, Mario, Donkey Kong, various Final Fantasy protagonists and many more came out of Japan.

However, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima believes the success of First Person Shooters means there isn’t much demand for other types of video game, and therefore Japanese developers will struggle to be successful in future.

“It’s much more competitive now: if you look at triple-A titles on a worldwide scale there’s maybe only ten really big games that can get gamers’ attention, and I’m not sure how Japan can compete on that level,” Kojima told Official PlayStation Magazine.

“I think it’s more consumer demand – right now, consumers are happy with what they have. First-person shooters sell like crazy, so there’s not really a strong demand for anything else, and that’s why [original ideas] stop being made.”

“People are satisfied with making minor upgrades and tweaking things here and there – as long as that’s the landscape, it will keep on happening. I don’t see a problem necessarily, but at the same time it is nice to see new things come.” the Metal Gear Solid man added.

Kojima is currently working on Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.

So Train2Game, what do you make of Kojima’s comments? Is the success of FPS titles harming development of other types of game? Or does the rise of indie titles show that this is far from the case?

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[Source: Official PlayStation Magazine]