Train2Game News Video Game Characters Reinagined As Female

With only 18% of games releasing in 2020 with a female main character, and with female main characters noticeably lacking from the most popular releases of each year, DiamondLobby worked to reimagine how games could’ve looked if they opted for female protagonists instead of male.

Working with artist Hossein Kalantari, DiamondLobby created the designs to encourage diversity and to promote non-sexualized female characters. 

“Whilst male characters in games can often look rough and rugged, female characters are almost exclusively used as eye candy to please a predominantly male audience” said Brittney Lin, the brains behind the piece.

“We wanted to show that female characters can look great without being hyper-sexualized, and this is demonstrated no better than with our Master Chief redesign — that we dubbed ‘Madam Chief’ — who looks almost identical to her male counterpart.

“It only takes a quick Google search to see that when most people think of a female version of Master Chief, they think breasts, legs and more. But why? Master Chief wears full body armor. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re wearing full body armor you’re going to look pretty similar on the outside,” Brittney added.

Each design was created to be in keeping with the original game’s aesthetic, but each character had the license to be unique. They aren’t just a female version of the male character, instead they’re their own women that share some common characteristics as their male counterparts. 

Luke Roberts, founder of DiamondLobby commented “Whilst this content is relatively lighthearted and easy to digest, it also highlights deep-rooted issues within gaming (and tech in general) and aims to encourage greater diversity both directly and subconsciously as the industry moves forward in the future.”

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