Train2Game News VR Mobile Store


A new online store specifically for mobile VR titles has been announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

Nvia Group, the technological group, will present throughout this whole week its bet on the thriving virtual reality market for mobile phones: a virtual reality headset for mobile phones and its most exclusive feature: an app store, developed exclusively by the company with a series of games developed externally and in-house for mobile phones or smartphones which use Android technology.

Store MVR ( ) will introduce more content and games during the upcoming months, from joint developers who want to take advantage of this distribution channel as well as in-house games developed by the studio’s development group which are being tested at the moment.

The store also introduces a section for developers to upload their games and other virtual reality contents on their own to be distributed in more than one hundred countries thanks to the localization of the store in 14 languages.

The website where the characteristics of the headset can be found is , and also includes in the price 2 free contents from the Store MVR.

The Store MVR is available in 14 different languages with Technical Support for the users in all these languages.

Victor Lamas, CEO of NVIA Group says “After two years working on this project, we’re very pleased to officially announce its launch, and what better place to do so than in Japan, the most predisposed market to adopt new technologies in the world”